My BAD experience of TRUE GHANA TRAFFIC!

Hi guys,

If you haven’t heard, Gh traffic is not something to mess around with. I know this from previous experiences in taxis and heard from others but since I started work I had never experienced any mayor traffic problems apart from a certain part further down into my journey so once I changed my route I have been avoiding that so was much happier with it.

Only to come to one day on my way to work when I was faced with serious traffic. I was hit with bumper to bumper traffic at every point of my journey, It was honestly hell. Traffic and Heat = A bad combination, thank The Lord for air conditioning otherwise my make up would have melted like a candle and I probably would have fainted due to the intense heat! Not only that Ghanaian taxis and tro- tro drivers are lawless drivers with NO patience, they think they own the road and can do what ever they like which makes the experience even more annoying!

Line of trafficI think the traffic in Accra is because of the way the roads are set up, the main roads lack side roads so EVERYBODY has to sit in the same traffic, there is no choice.

Traffic around Accra mall - The Only Way Is GhanaMy 45mins to one hour journey turned into 2.5hours! When I finally got to work with the others that experienced a similar problem, I made it clear that if I had to battle THAT every morning I would give up working as it honestly wouldn’t be worth my time.

You can watch this horrible experience here…

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4 Comments on My BAD experience of TRUE GHANA TRAFFIC!

  1. Whew! I finally finished reading every post of your blog in one sitting! I am so amazed at your fortitude and determination. I must admit that when I stumbled on your blog I was prejudiced to think this is another Londoner looking for an opportunity to brag with “Back in London…back in London blaa blaa blaa” but when I went all the way to the beginning and read through I began to admire your openness and optimism about life in Ghana and I am a-m-a-z-e-d at your never-say-die attitude. I can definitely identify with the fact that 9 out of 10 people you meet in Accra or Kumasi wants to take advantage of a “newbie”. Your Gertrude problems, the building project! It is pathetic but your determination is remarkable. As you correctly pointed out, I have also been thinking a lot about taking your route or your dad’s route and I’ll be keenly watching and learning from your experience. Kuddos and let’s read and hear more from you.

  2. What a wow!

    I just watched some of videos on youtube and a couple of blogs. I really like your determination. I am living Oxford with my family but I was born and bread in ghana. I have been here for 12 yrs but some of the things you touched on scares me. Especially the robbery, and people staring at you when you have flashy stuff on you. Just like you, I am still paying tmobile for samsung note3.

    Well done for what you are doing . And happy birthday.

    I have not been to for 10 yrs now but I am coming this June.

    • Thank you. I dont want to scare you as these things can and do happen everywhere, I just want to enlighten people on what is happening in Ghana so they do not come with a romanticised view of Ghana as it is not easy, but i do think in the long run it will be worth it.

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