#DumsorMustStop Vigil 2015 Review

Hey guys, I’m sure you have heard me and many others complaining about the DumSor (LightOff) in Ghana.

Yesterday was the #DumsorMustStop vigil led by Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson in Accra to protest against all the DumSor currently facing the country.


While trying to put this demonstration together, she has been insulted, cussed out and called a prostitute for being over 30 and unmarried. This did not stop her, she managed to lead a 5000 people march in hope that the government hear the cry of Ghanaians who are suffering due to the constant power outages.

Dumsor marchYvonne is now being hailed as the female warrior Yaa Asantewaa of the 21st century.

Celebs supporting the vigil

A lot of celebrities kept quiet about their views on this matter as it started heading down a political route, that if you supported this vigil that means you are against NDC (current leaders) so therefore a NPP supporter. This didn’t phase other celebrities like singer Efya, rapper D-black, actor VanVicker, HipLife artist Sydney and TV personality Afia Schwarzenegger as they came out to show their support as DumSor is something affecting EVERYONE one way or another. Oh and Sarkodie (lookalike), who stole the show. How can I forget him…

Sarkodie lookalike

Let’s be honest, which country do you know can live with 24 hours lights off and 12 hours lights on? This is just ridiculous, no businesses are exempt from this, hospitals are having to do operations in darkness with the aid of torches, children are having to study in the dark and businesses are having to shut down as they are spending all their profits on fuel for generators. I have heard that fuel prices will also be going up again tomorrow. This kind of life is not sustainable or helpful to the economy and the people if Ghana is trying to move forward and progress.

Ghanaians are suffering but they tend never to SPEAK UP, they just smile and take it. So thank you to Yvonne Nelson for giving Ghanaians a voice and using her celebrity status to do something productive.

We know nothing will change over night but let’s hope the government will now sit up and do something to try and eradicate Dumsor from the lives of Ghanaians.

Ghanaians speak   #DumsorMustStop Now!

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