My trip to Nairobi, Kenya

Hi beautiful people,

I’m so sorry for this delayed post, as I have been back in Ghana for sometime now, but these long working hours are not helping.

I just wanted to tell you guys about my brief trip to Nairobi in Kenya. It was a short trip for work training and to meet our colleagues from the other countries we operate in.
Due to getting the cheapest flight possible, it felt like we literally stopped in every country in Africa to get there. We took Air Rwanda and stopped in Lagos, Nigeria to collect passengers, then had a stop off in Kigali, Rwanda, so as you can imagine it was a long ass journey. Only to reach Nairobi and find my brand new suitcase was damaged.
The staff at the desk had no manners and it took forever for them the tell me to either empty my stuff into a black bag and leave the suitcase or take it to their office in town, like I have time. This then set me off in a bad mood, I’m still battling with them about this.

Damaged suitcase

The company rented out an apartment block so we stayed and had the training in one of the apartments so it was handy to roll out of bed and not go far, but then we really didn’t get to see much of the country which is quite sad. To go all the way to East Africa and not see the sights and most importantly, go to Kenya and not go on Safari. The closest I got to any ‘animals’ were some metal ones on our way back to the airport at the end of our week there.

Metal animals

We were lucky that the Maasai market comes to the mall near us every Thursday so we went in our lunch break and went back again after our training. We stayed for ages making sure we looked and looked and looked at every stall, I don’t know if we were hoping to see anything new but we just didn’t want to leave. These are what I purchased…

Items I bought at the market

I was with my flat mate who is mixed race. All the traders thought I was Kenyan showing round a tourist so they were giving me all the discounts…that works for me!

All in all I found Kenyans to be very friendly and nice people, no weird staring at us like in Ghana which was nice. The weather was so much cooler and it felt more westernised compared to Ghana.

Check out the video above to see what we got up to.

Bye for now đź’‹

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  1. a maasai shuka is a thick printed fabric that maasai’s make. and iryn is right when you come to kenya get a maasai shuka lol

  2. Lol ,I’ve come across that statement that Kenia is a more westernized place compared to other places in west Africa several times.

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