Peace Hyde's inspirational talk at TED-x Accra 2015

Hi Guys,

I have been meaning to share this with you, apologies for the delay. The TEDx Accra was some weeks ago at the National theatre with the theme ‘The Next Chapter’.

I thought the event was just average, there was a huge line up of speakers so I thought I was going to leave with tons of inspiration but there was only gems of wisdom from very few of the speakers. I actually think that some speaker didn’t know what the event was in aid of as some went off on tangents then before you know it their time was up. The good thing was they served free food (jellof rice with chicken) and drinks as it was a WHOLE day event.

Tedx Accra event

Due to late starts and delays, the event went on for way longer than it was supposed to (surprise surprise), but overall is was a good effort from the organiser and it was great to see something different in Accra. Presenter Peace Hyde was due to come on around 4:30pm but ended up coming on hours later. My friends had left but I stayed with a colleague and I am glad I did as I think Peace Hyde’s talk was the best, this could come from the fact that she was a teacher in the UK for some years, her ‘next chapter’ message was clear and up lifting.

Maybe I just have a soft spot for her as we have a similar journey…born and raised in London, worked with youths and then made the decision to give up the ‘good life’ and pursue a dream and new life in Ghana.

Overall I thought her story was very inspirational and I could relate to everything she was saying, I recorded the best bits for you guys in the video above, I hope you find it motivational too.

Let me know what you think 💋

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