Take a drive around Accra with me.

Hey people,

I thought I shared this video with you but I noticed I haven’t, so my apologies. I want to share my drive around Accra with you, for those that have never visited Ghana and for those that like to reminisce of their time in Ghana.
I compare the central Accra ‘good’ roads to the more common off the beaten track ‘bad’ side roads to give you a clear view of the two.
The side roads can be so bad sometimes that you have to park the car and walk the rest of the way, especially if the car is low like Gertrude, that has got stuck in many crazy situations because of the roads here.

The government do the main roads and leave the side roads unless someone important lives there, so residents sometimes come together to do botched up road construction that never lasts long, once the rain comes they are back to square one but I think I will leave my Ghana road analysis to another day. In the meantime enjoy the ride!

Till next time šŸ’‹

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