Take a drive around Nairobi with me.

Hi guys, After my previous post about My trip to Nairobi, Kenya, it was nice to step out of Ghana and head to East Africa. We took a drive around and it was nice to compare Nairobi to Accra. This is the best I could do for you as we were barely allowed to take pictures in public places like the mall, if security see you they tell you it’s not allowed and remind you not to do it again, as you could be arrested…at the time we thought it was ridiculously extreme but in light of the previous mall attacks and the terrible al-Shabab incident that happened at the Garissa university, it is totally understandable.

It was actually unbelievable to know we were only in Kenya a week before this attack happened. May the innocent souls of those that lost their lives rest in perfect peace.

Apart from the cool weather and better roads, there was not much difference between the streets of Accra and those in Nairobi…what do you think?

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