Tigo Ghana Meets Naija concert review of Team Naija.

After my review of Team Ghana at the Tigo Ghana Meets Naija concert over the weekend, this is what I thought of Team Naija.

The show started extremely late so after the warm up acts and team Ghana being on for so long! it seemed like it took forever for team Naija to come on. Team Naija was The Mavins (apparently meaning someone who is gifted and skilled in any field). The Mavins was founded by recording artist and record producer Don Jazzy, the members that attended the concert were (in performance order) Reekado Banks, Korede Bello, D’Prince, Dr. Sid and obviously Mr Don Jazzy himself. Tiwa Savage is about to give birth so did not attend.  Don Jazzy and Dr. Sid both came out in a all white ‘Bubu’ and trendy walking stick as they owned the stage, even the CEO of Empire entertainment Bola Ray had to get on the stage and shower Don Jazzy with money.

I have a new found love and respect for Don jazzy as the team came out tight and very professional! especially with the choreography when they did a collaborative performance of their hit songs ‘Dorrobucci’ and ‘Adaobi’.

The Mavins delivered a superb show, they reminded me of a Nigerian Ruff Riders. One thing I have to say about the Nigerian team is they stayed true to the culture especially wearing their traditional Bubu, compared to 2 out of the 3 Ghanaian team, coming out speaking patois to a crowd of Africans, Hummm.

Its a shame that there was not enough seating, I was asked by a girl if she could share my seat, only to find out when she got thrown out that she wasn’t even supposed to be in VIP and then a guy asked if he could sit on my chair and I sit on his lap, I mean come on, what kind of back-ah-yard-azonto seating arrangement is this, I am sure you know what I said to them both!

There ended up being a fight where I witnessed people physically hitting people with the garden chairs they gave us to sit on. What a wow is all I can say.

Security wasn’t tight at all they were letting in anyone into VIP. Near the end, I noticed some dodgy looking guys come and stand in front of us in the aisle so I told my friend to keep her bag close as they didn’t look right…so as the show ended two girls that were seated in front of us said “have you see my purse and her bag”…surprise surprise those dodgy mutherf**kers stole their bags. Shocking!

The prior advertisement of the event was around it being team Ghana against team Nigeria, saying the audience will decide but it ended like a normal concert saying thanks, see you next year. There should have been some sort of audience poll to determine the winner. This would have also made it more interactive.

However overall it was a great show. Well done Tigo and Empire entertainment. Which team would you say won?

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  1. Ok now THAT’S what I’m talking about! LOL I grew up in Naija so maybe I’m a bit biased. But I have so much time for Mavins- and I have a totes awkward crush on Don Jazzy. I know he has reached true “Uncle status” but he is bae ♥

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