My experience of the Accra Floods (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

Hi guys,

As I am sure you heard, it is a very sad time for Ghana! As we mourn over 150 people who lost their lives in the Accra Floods and Fire, not to mention a further 70 plus who were also killed by the floods in Kumasi.

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On Wednesday 3rd June, the day it happened I was at work until 8pm when the rain started to come down heavy so I said I would continue working with 4 other colleagues, so we waited and waited but the rain seemed to just get heavier. I think I have mentioned on numerous occasions that when it rains in Ghana it pours! A colleague left, he was trying to get a taxi but they were quoting 70Ghc for his 15Ghc journey home so he came back to the office drenched by the rain, so I said I would wait some more. By 10pm I attempted to leave but the rain was coming down so heavy I was scared to drive home so a colleague said he would come with me so we could go and get some dinner then chill there in hope that the rain simmers, which it did by 12am! So I departed from him and said I would be home in 30mins due to the time there would be no traffic, only for me to get part way and be hit with a load of traffic. I saw many cars parked up on the sides of the road, so I thought they had all broken down so I kept going only to find a mini river in the road.

At this point I didn’t know whether to keep going or park up and wait (I don’t know what for) but since the time my phone was robbed I do not like to stay in dark places alone for too long. I decided to keep driving…going though the river I honestly thought Gertrude was going to give up on me as the water was so high but she pushed on through, thank God. Only for me to get close to home and the side road I use was absolutely flooded so I had to turn around and use another extremely bumpy road home.

accra floods

I ended up getting home at 1:15am, thank the Lord I did because when I woke in the morning I was so shocked to hear what had happened at the petrol station in Circle. As you would have heard, many people in their cars and on foot from work etc fled to the petrol station for shelter from the horrendous rain. Only for there to be a fire at the petrol station, they unfortunately had absolutely NOWHERE to run to due to where they were positioned in the station. Once the fuel mixed with the water it spread like wild fire killing over 150 people and children. I cried when I saw the photos, people where actually sitting in their cars and trotros as they burnt alive, like meat. How can life be taken like this…so cheaply.

It is so heart wrenching, it is said to be a gas leak that started the fire.

accra flods 3

Watch the heart wrenching video footage of the aftermath here.

WHO/WHAT IS TO BLAME? Overloaded generators from the DumSor, DumSor, the Government, poorly constructed buildings, poor drainage system, lack of gutters…???

Let us pray for those that lost their lives, their families, Ghana and last but not least…President Mahama!

My heart is just broken.

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