Ghana to revive TV license fee – Ghanaians react!

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I have to share this article with you as it really made me laugh, not laugh as it ‘ha ha he he’ but as in ‘are you kidding me?!’. As of August 2015 Ghana will be re-introducing a TV license fee! Oh are we supposed to watch their substandard TV shows with dumsor (light-off)? I think it is unfair to impose such a fee on people when they cannot choose to even watch their TV when they want to.

Yes we have a TV license fee in the UK, which was annoying but at least you could turn it on and watch it all day everyday if you want. The Ghana government should sort out the dumsor problem before allowing organisations to ask the people of Ghana to pay for such things. I will be interesting to see how they will monitor and collect the fee.

The article is as follows:

Following the Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Major (Rtd) Albert Don-Chebe’s justification of the revival of the TV license fee, some Ghanaians have voiced their reservations about the decision.

Major (Rtd) Don-Chebe on the Citi Breakfast Show said his outfit has been unable to deliver quality services due to poor funding.

“GBC has suffered tremendously from lack of funding and this has obviously impacted negatively on its ability to do the things that it’s been mandated to do.…Because of the several years of poor funding, it will defiantly impact on equipment, motivation, and the state of the whole organization,” he said.

Social media platform twitter, has been buzzing with views from a section of the public. Here are some responses:


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The collection of TV license fees, according to the National Media Commission (NMC), will resume in August 2015.

Out of the amount, GBC will take the largest share of 72%, the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) will take 15%, the Media Development Fund will take 4%, the National Media Commission will take 4%, Film will take 2% and for managing the collection, GBC will take an extra 3% which will bring their number to 75%.

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You have heard my view on this matter, what is yours? Do you think it would be a good idea and in the best interest of TV content to introduce a TV license fee?

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