'The Ghana Tag' remix 2015 – Part 1

Hi guys,

Do you know ‘The Ghana Tag’ videos that are floating around on YouTube? Where Ghanaians answer specific questions about being a Ghanaian. I have seen quite a few and found each of them very informative so I thought I would do my own.

I had a special guest, Whitney Q who is a fellow YouTuber who was in Ghana for a holiday from the UK. She also will be migrating to Ghana towards the end of the year, so we thought it would be fun to collaborate on a Ghana Tag video.

So you can get to know us better with our remix version. It was a bit long so I had to cut it into 2 parts. So I hope you enjoy this Part 1.

The questions asked in this part 1 are:
– What part of Ghana are you from?
– Were you born in Ghana?
– What is your Ghanaian name?
– What is your favourite Ghanaian dish?
– Do you speak any Ghanaian language?
– Who is your favourite Ghanaian artist?
– What do you love about Ghana?

…To Be Continued in part 2.

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