5 things being Ghanaian has Taught Me!

After the article Best and Worse Tweets from #WhatHasBeingGhanaianTaughtMe, I thought I would add my own 5 things that being a Ghanaian had taught me:

1. Ghanaians are known for being peaceful and quiet, I have learnt that being peaceful and patient can get you nowhere. Sometimes you have to be forceful and aggressive.

Rawlings-Military - the only way is ghana

2. There are not many people you can trust. Far too much #Konkonsa (gossip).

konkonsa girls - the only way is ghana

3. Many people smile and laugh with you but do not wish you well.

maya Andelou quote - the only way is ghana

4. Supermalt cures hunger.

last Supermalt - the only way is ghana

5. Ice cream containers are actually to store jellof rice and stew.

icecream containers - theonlywayisghana.com

What has being a Ghanaian OR knowing a Ghanaian taught YOU?

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