5 fun things to do in Ghana

If you’re looking for a safe, yet fun and affordable location, then home, Ghana is the place for you.

Known for its generally laid back feel and warm, friendly people, there are several reasons why Ghana is the perfect spot for a summer getaway.

Affordable transportation (tro-tro) and food are also some of the great perks that Ghana has to offer, but that’s not all there is to love about the Gold Coast.

Ghana, also known as the Gold Coast, is rich in gold (Networked Blogs)
  1. Hello beaches: Ghana boasts of a couple of lovely beaches such as the Labadi beach where you can enjoy some sun and surf, while showing off that summer body.

  2. Go abseiling: If you’re up for some adventure, then go abseiling. Abseiling, simply put, involves climbing down from a height with the aid of a rope. This sport has gained some following in Ghana through the years and there are several tour groups which offer this service, simply check them out and you’re one step closer to unleashing your inner adventurer.

  3. Go on a tour: Visit historical landmarks like the Elmina Castle and also any of the 15 national parks spread across the country.

  4. Try out various dishes: It’s a vacation, so the diet can take a break for a few days. Be sure to explore the various local and intercontinental dishes which Ghana offers.

  5. Visit the local market: Pay a visit to the local market for a chance to see how the locals interact and also score a bargain on some items.

Source: Pulse.com.gh
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