Building project update: Thieving Plumbers!

Hi guys,

After the foundation had been compacted, the next step is to have the plumbing fixtures installed. So I got the quotes back in for this work to be done. However when they came in they are substantially different, like majorly! How can this be?

As these two differ so much, I now have to get a third quote so I can then make a discussion on who to choose. I have heard so many  stories of dishonesty where the plumber will show you a place to buy the materials (a friend of theirs) and the shop will overcharge you then your plumber will go back and get their share of the money later or they will tell you that you need more materials than you do then take some and use it for their own project.

Therefore one has to be careful in such situations, they will some how always find a way to cheat you but you just have to be one step ahead so you can reduce the amount they are able to cheat. For example, the best thing to do is firstly ask them for a list of all the materials, then you should go to an independent dealer and check all the prices so if you give them money to go a buy them, you know how much the items should cost or/and you can go with them to an independent dealer and pay for the materials yourself…

Trust nobody! but if you cannot buy the materials yourself at least get the prices from somewhere so you are aware of what is going on with your money.

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