Gertrude (my car) broke down on the streets of Accra!

Happy first of the month guys,

I hope you are all well. If you were ever wondering what happened to that rude car of mine GertRUDE, well wonder no further as she is still here being as rude as ever!

I was on my way to work one morning and she just stopped in her tracks, wouldn’t go any further but the engine was still running so at least I knew it was not a serious engine problem. Where she stopped was slightly blocking the Tro-Tro exit so they were cussing me while hitting and banging my car as they tried to pass like I would choose to park there, so annoying. 

I called the mechanic (fitter, as they are called in Ghana) that fixed her 3 weeks ago as she had the same issue. He was far so I had to wait 2 hours getting hot and bothered as the sun started to come out. Huff.

No AA, RAC or Green flag in Ghana so it is either the help of a good Samaritan, call a friend/family member, your own mechanic or find a local mechanic where you have broken down. I must admit that it is times like this that I miss the simplicity of London life.

The shaft had come apart from the wheel hub which made her immobilized, he managed to give me a quick fix but I had to go to him on the weekend to get her fixed properly.

Ghana life!

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