How to plumb apartments and what I learnt.

Hey peeps, After getting the quotes in from the thieving plumbers, like I said in my last post as the 2 quotes differed so much in quantities and cost. I would get another one and then make a decision on who to use. Plumbing complete - TheOnlyWayIsGhana

The last quote I got also differed, so after speaking to one of the expensive plumbers explain the rational behind his costings, I actually decided to go with him. For example the reason why he needed more pipes is because he has the pipes erect for a meter or so (which you can see in the video below) compared to the other plumber who uses less pipes now leaving them lower, but in the long run I will have to buy more pipes for him to extend when they come to do the block work to raise the building. However by this time we all know that the pipes will be more expensive so I may as well take the hit now!

When he finished, I actually counted all the caps and elbows etc (yes you heard me right!) to make sure he had used all I bought.

He completed the work in less than 12 hours. Now all the plumbing has been done, next is the concrete casting for the ground floor. Slowly but surely we are moving along, see more photos on the next page…

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