10 ANNOYING questions Ghanaians get asked abroad.

I Saw this great article on ighanaian and I just had to share but I could not help but to add my little twist here and there….

Any Ghanaian who has travel abroad has surely encountered some pretty annoying questions. Most often, these questions are from the curious locals of the place they are visiting/living.

Travelling is a must for anybody who wants to experience and appreciate firsthand the cultural differences. When putting “travel” on your bucket list, one thing most people don’t consider is how they would get treated.

Stupid Questions To Ask GhanaiansThese question can range from being outright dumb, hilarious, to plain annoying but here are some of the most riveting ones.

  1. Are you Ghanaian?

Stupid Questions
No, sir. I just happened to be called Abena Owusu Mensah by mistake”. It seems this question is the first fallback for anyone. The immigration officer would check your passport, see Nationality as Ghanaian and still ask you if you’re a Ghanaian.

  1. What kind of clothes do you put on? 

This particular question is just an ignorant one. *rolls eyes* Some people do not believe that Africans put on clothes.

What is that? Velvet meme- theonlywayisghana

They think we cover our nakedness with some kind of animal skin. It’s 21st century people!

  1. Are you Nigerian?

Some people seem to think that every African abroad is from Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa. I don’t even understand how one would ask this question.

Nigerian Meme - theonlywayisghana

Please study your geography a little extra. I AM FROM GHANA, the country formerly called Gold Coast? For some Ghanaians this question is an absolute insult.

  1. Why is your English so good?

Trust me, my English is good. Even better than most people, but I still get asked why my English is good. Just so you know, English is taught in many African countries and is also a national language to majority of them. That’s how we speak such good English. And oh, we were a British colony so yes! We actually speak better English than most Americans.

  1. “Eti sen?”

This should be number two on this list, as it is almost always the immediate question that follows “Are you Ghanaian?”, when you answer “yes”.

etisen meme - theonlywayisghan

Yes, I am Ghanaian, but not every Ghanaian is Ashanti…thus not every Ghanaian speaks Twi. If you want to be culturally relevant, try knowing my culture first.

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