Armed Robbers at dawn in my home!

Hi peeps, it’s been some time that I’ve given you an update but some weeks ago we had armed robbers break into the hotel. It was a Saturday night and I went to bed at 1:30am, at about 2am I heard our bedroom door being broken into, by the time I could say ‘Yesu Christo’ there were two men in the room with machetes in our face asking us where the money is. I said I don’t have any, he then asked my cousin and she said she doesn’t have any so he asked for her finger (to cut it off) she proclaimed again that she is a student so does not have any money.

The weird thing is after the thievery at the hotel in the past I NEVER keep money at home or in my bag, so I gave them the 10 cedis I had. However because I wanted to start some very important work on the site at 7am on the Monday (the bank would not be open at that time), I withdrew literally all the money I had to start work first thing. So as the robbers continued to turn the room upside down they picked up the bag the money was in so I started to make noise that we need an ambulance as one of us is not well, so one of them gave me a huge slap on my leg with the flat part of the machete and then they told us to get up and out of the room. They threw us a sheet and we were thinking where the hell are they taking us and what is going on, until we reached outside and we saw the security guard and receptionist tied up on the floor They told us to lay  down and covered us with the sheet.

We had some high profile guests staying there so one robber was keeping an eye on us as the other 2 went back inside and broke into the rooms one by one bringing out a guest at a time. Those that struggled were beaten with the knife, to hear them scream for help was heart breaking! This continued for 2 horrendous hours, the longest 2 hours of my life!

You couldn’t imagine what was going through my mind… I thought we were going to die, be raped, that my money, laptop and tablets would be taken and how would I be able to start again. That was literally all the money I had, so now I would have worked and saved for 6 months for absolutely nothing so I wouldn’t be able to finish what I came to Ghana to do…

As they finished breaking into each room on the ground floor they made their way upstairs. They met someone coming downstairs as he had heard some noise so they captured him and told him to take them to the managers room, which he did…here is where they got what they came for. They told the manager that if he did not hand over the money they would kill the one they captured on the stairs so he handed over 25,000 GhC ($6,500) and they ran off!

It is clear that they had a tip off and knew the guests and money were there as they came specifically for this. The guests think this was a set up by their rivals.

We were still outside as someone said ‘they have gone, I saw them leave’. We were all like ‘are you sure?’ We were the only females and the ones who were not tied up so we untied everyone. We were all in complete shock, we couldn’t believe what just happened! Those that were beaten had to be seen to and we all went back to our rooms to see the damage and what was taken. Would you believe that when we got back to our room everything was there, they didn’t come for any electrical’s and didn’t find the money…I could not believe my luck. They did however find and take my aunty’s 600GHc ($150). We could not find our phones so assumed they took them but found it strange as they didn’t take the laptop.

We called my uncle (owner of the hotel) who was out of town to tell him what had happened. He said we should go to the police station. So I had to drive there are 4:15am. Only to get there and explain what happened for the police to tell us it was our fault for being greedy, because if we had told them these people were staying there they would have monitored the hotel but because of the small money we would have to pay them, we didn’t want to so it serves us right. Com’on are they serious? We had just been through the most traumatising moment of our lives, do you think this is what we need to hear right now. They were so relaxed about the whole thing, the lady behind the desk acting like she was too tired to write a statement so she took our names and we made our way back to the hotel with the police in tow.

Ghana police - theonlywayisghana

The police came to look at the damage but I did not see a camera or note book in sight, so at this point I realised this whole process was a waste of time and they only came with us

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  1. I really Sorry to hear this happen to you, but the most annoying part of your incident is the reaction of the polices. How foolish of them to have said that ? everything about them is money money instead of putting the interest of the citizens first. Well Im glad everyone is okay and i guess Ghana hasn’t been welcoming as you thought.

    • Pls it’s disgusting the way the police behave. U should have gone to any media house, like CitiFm/ joyFm to report the police behaviour. Remember naming and shaming will help solve ghana problems. I was just wondering was the same hotel ur said armed robbery s came during the day and stole ur TV?

  2. Praise God,for having Favor on your life,Amen.I am so sorry that u had to go through that,i will keep Praying for u,i wish that u had more positive experience,returning to r site,video.Thanks.

  3. oh wow! What an episode! I’m so sorry to hear you had to go through that! You know, what always bothered me about the whole armed robbers thing, is not so much the material things that will get taken, but that they go about hurting people before they even get what they want! I understand if someone wants to be a stubborn-head and not give their phone or whatever, but when you are clearly abiding, they should just take what they want and bust out! No need to hurt anyone. I know its much worse for example in Nigeria, where in some cases they go about abusing or killing the person before they even get to the stuff, thats the type of senseless violence that scares me… Usually I think in ghana it seems they may hurt someone a little just to scare them, but still, just take the stuff and go!
    So sorry hun, this will stay with you forever most likely and will take some time before you can relax and function normal again.
    All the best though and on the bright side they didnt get your dough, so AT LEAST that’s a comfort somehow.. you can go about your project!

  4. My god

    thank god you and everyone is safe and un harmed. You are one brave lady.
    To be honest this whole arm robbery thing has put me off Ghana.
    What happening to put beloved peaceful nation.
    Who is to blame?
    Robbery has become a big issue now
    I know stuff happens everywhere but …..
    What effect gad it had on you
    Post another video.
    God be with you

  5. I am so sorry to hear about what happened, but thank the good Lord that you are ok. As for Ghana police, when my house got burgled, the so called forensic guy asked me for money for petrol after he dusted for finger prints (I don’t know why, they don’t actually have a database). I am like Chale, duh, they took all my money, like seriously, absolutely useless.

    Thankfully you were unharmed and these lazy good for nothings didn’t take what you worked hard to get x

  6. Seems as if you are always the victim. You are blinded by your love of ghana. The reality is you moved to an underdeveloped country. You are a foreigner in your own land. You will continue to be robbed because you are an easy target. Here is some advise. When preparing to sleep in a hotel room move heavy furniture in front of the door. No one willl be able to just burst in without you hearing them. NEVER SLEEP IN YOUR PAJAMAS. Wear gym clothes. Be prepared to jump out of bed. Have tennis shoes that dont need to tie up just slip in. Never carry luggage use a backpack. Gather your back pack. Secure it in front of you. This will be your body armor. Buy a stun gun or carry knives. Make sure the person that is with you has a knife. When stabbing someone stab them in the thighs, stomach, throat and arms. Do not poke them with the knife thrust it deep as if your life deoends on it. Make sure your friend does the same. Now run out the room do not drop the knife. Run down the stairs and run out into the street. Do not waste time calling the police. Secure taxi and go home. you have all your valuables in your backpack. You have your knives and your now a true savage and no longer a sheep. You have blood lust in your eyes no one will fuck with you again. Go out have a drink.

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