[INTERVIEW] Being Besties With Bertha – Why she moved to Ghana and how you can too!

Hi guys, Meet Bertha, she will be joining us and contributing the experiences of her journey in Ghana. She moved to Ghana one year ago from the UK (South East London to be precise), so this is a brief interview to welcome her on board and get you familiar with her…

Bertha - the only way is ghana contributor

Were you born in Ghana?
Yes I was born in the Northern Part of Ghana. A place called Nalerigu, Upper West.

When and why did you move to Ghana?
I moved to Ghana last year September. It was by default, it wasn’t actually planned. I had the intention of coming to visit for a month but during my stay I got offered a job and I decided to take it.

What do you do for work/business in Ghana?
I am a Personal Development Consultant/Trainer. I also work as a Coordinator for a Children’s Book Club, I work with children to write stories and we help to publish them.

Do you speak any Ghanaian language?
Yes I do I speak mumpruli and I’m leaening twi.

What have been your 3 biggest challenges since moving to Ghana?
My 3 biggest challenges…hhhmm only three gosh theres so much but okay…
1) I would say getting used to the money being so low considering how much I was earning in London.
2) Taxes just taking all my hard earned cash and now having to result to using good old TroTro’s 
3) Not having my own living space

What 3 things do you love about Ghana?
1) I like the fact that there are opportunities to do so much more than I can possibly imagine.
2) I love the fact that I can just take myself to the beach and enjoy nature for next to nothing….
3) I love the food

What do you miss about the UK?
I miss constant light and running water. There is order on the streets. Oooh I also miss convenient stores and bargain shops like 99p shops and Sainsbury etc.

What tips would you give anyone wanting to move to Ghana?
1) I would say prepare for the high accommodation prices here. Do research into the area you want to live in and put a budget together.
2) Buy as much of your essential things that you will need for at least 3- 6months if possible.
3) Have a job to come to or something that you have already set up so that you can have a regular income.
4) Have your last medical check ups and stock up on medicines simple things like cough medicine or headache tablets immodium malaria tabs etc

What can people look forward to seeing from you as a TOWIG contributor?
Intetesting experiences on my journey….relatable stories, funny, emotional, witty stories that will keep you wanting more!

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Twitter: @BWensah
Instagram: BJamal

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