The ONLY dancehall song that made it to a Ghanaian hall party.

As part of Flashback Friday, I just had to share this with you. I watched this video on Youtube and it just took me back like 20 years!!! lol

Do you remember back in the days at hall parties when it was time for the ‘cool’ music to come on and time for the kids to dance…Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus and Pliers was one of the ONLY dancehall (then ‘Bashment’ ‘ragga’) songs that was sure to make the playlist.

So as we did the bogle and butterfly on the dance floor, there was always those aunties (my mum being one of them) that would join you imitating the bogle and trying to challenge you to who can wine down lower. Oh boy, this song brings back so many good memories of my childhood growing up in multicultural south London. As I write this I smile blissfully.

Then after our few moments of joy  it was right back to…Eiii, Oh, Eiii, Oh, Eiii, Oh, Eiii
wo wo wo wo, Na anka ebeye den
Na anka ebeye den a
Uuh uuh,
Na anka ebeye den na aye wo ya

At which point we knew this Nana Acheampong song meant it was time for the kids to leave the dance floor and time for the grown folks to get jiggy.

Its funny though because when we hear these old high-life tunes now we are all over that dance floor, nothing can keep us off it. How the tables have turned!

What flashback song takes you back to your childhood?

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