This is what X-factors Menn on Poinnt were doing in Ghana 10 years ago

Hi guys,

In aid of #FlashBackFriday, I am taking us back about 10 years to the days when Hip-Life was taking over the world.

This came to me when my friend Darren sent me a clip from X-factor, of a performance by Menn on Poinnt. Obviously from the point (no pun intended) they said they were originally from Ghana and now living in the UK I automatically sat up to pay more attention.
When Reggie Zippy said ‘we did our best in Ghana, we did singles and we had the hits’, I was like ‘yea right, oh pls…the lies people tell’ as I thought they were lying because if it was true, I would of course know them (if you don’t know I pride myself as a old school music connoisseur). Watch their X-Factor performance below:

So only when I heard him say his name was Bollie I was like ‘ cant be!’. Do you guys remember that hip-life song ‘You may kiss your bride’ from 2004?
Well if you do, this is Bollie who has re-branded himself in this new duo ‘Menn on Poinnt’. So it looks like they were not lying as that song was a serious tuuunage.
Watch it here:

So I then thought hummm, I wonder what hit Reggie Zippy sang as I couldn’t remember his name, only to find that he sang that song ‘Virgin’. Watch it below:

I am so glad they kept their names. All in all I would say they had some pretty decent ‘success’ back in the days. They are now going hard in the UK, after being rejected by Britain’s Got Talent, they are now flying high in this years X-Factor. Wishing them all the success in the world.

Hope you enjoyed our Flash Back Friday. Have a blessed weekend x

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