[FEATURE] I Found Love (Part 3)

Happy 1st of the wonderful month October. To follow on from my last posts I Found Love (Part 1) and Part 2

The wonderful thing about my decision to come back to Ghana was not merely for the sake of a man I can assure you. Over the past couple of years I developed a deep desire to return to Ghana anyway. 

So on the day of departure I said my goodbye’s to friends and family to embark on this new adventure into the world of loving again. Sometimes we step out of our comfort zones in order to make things happen. This was not in my character to pack my bags in search of new beginnings for the sake of love. 

royal baggage from coming to america - towisghana

The plane landed at about 8.30pm Ghana time. I stepped off the plane and out into the hot humid air that we all know and love…my heart started racing ahead of my feet, I wanted to slip into the bathroom and have moment in the mirror but I saw the queue and thought ‘nope’ let me just go and face this head on.

As I queued  I started thinking ‘wow Bertha, seriously you have done this!’. I then started to question if I had made a mistake, maybe I should have taken my time on this. In the end I thought ‘ah well’ it was all a little too late. Consolation prize is I love Ghana and whatever happens I’m staying in Ghana anyway so I took a deep breath and made my way through to arrivals.

The moment I arrived and saw what greeted me I was like ‘really? naaah this aint it!’.

Don’t worry I didn’t say anything, thank God it was dark so he didn’t see my facial expressions. If you are anything like me it’s a bit difficult to hide how you feel or what you are thinking.

You know sometimes we have these romantic ideas of how things will plan out but reality always has a way of bringing you out of cloud nine with a hard crush back to earth. So it was when I finally saw this guy whom I had been talking to for 9 months.

I will be totally honest I was disappointed but I thought okay lets not be shallow here, see past the outward appearance and see if character is saying anything worth responding to. Guys I tried ooo but I think it wasn’t meant to be.

When you think you’ve found love, your mind goes into overdrive and you can start to excuse certain behaviours. I thought ‘you know what, let me consult with God again now that I’m here and see what decision he thinks I should take’.

So stay tuned till next week to see where God wanted this relationship to go…

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2 Comments on [FEATURE] I Found Love (Part 3)

  1. You are preacher to the choir. Same thing happened to me. I just packed up and left after a few weeks.
    Hopefully love finds me one day.
    Hopefully I come home oneday, Forever.

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