Afehyia Pa! I’m back in London Town.

Afehyia Pa!!!! (How Ghanaian give Christmas greetings)
I’m back in London! It’s ‘Christmas time, mistletoe and wine’. It has been lovely being back in the UK seeing and spending time with my family and friends. As tis the season to be jolly everyone is in the festive mood and has time off work/school which is great.

So…after feeling all this love, constant lights and water, no pot holes on 99.9% of the roads and shopping for days, while reflecting on all the unfortunate incidents I experienced in Accra, do I even want to go back to Ghana?

You can find out that and more in the video below:

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Wishing you all an amazing and blessed Christmas, catch up with you soon and thanks for your constant support. It is much appreciated xx

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10 Comments on Afehyia Pa! I’m back in London Town.

  1. Welcome back to London. First off I think you,re very pretty.. and a very charming ambassador for Ghana. Secondly, I think by anybody’s standard, you did quite well for yourself, having completed the foundation of your house in 2 years. I have lived in Canada for over thirty years, and don.t even have land . Went home 20 years ago and had the resources and opportunity to buy over a 1000 plots of land, but passed it over.
    Hopefully be back soon ( couple of weeks). Something remarkable and intuitive you mentioned was the fact that when you are there, it creates a sense of urgency and awareness which lend to you accomplishing something, which thing is non-existent when you are far away.
    I am so sorry your Ghanaian-Nigerian friend had to go back to UK disappointed. I have frequently noticed Ghanaians from UK usually have a tougher time adjusting in Ghana after a long dtay there.
    I would like to have info about the Think Tank she mentioned in the interview you did with her. I have some contributions to offer to alleviate the hardships from returnees from abroad.
    Thanks for your cheerful outlook and disposition to life. I saw you had Joyce Meyer.s book. Are you a Christian by any chance? Thanks once again. ( I,m gonna race you and finish my house before leaving Ghana this time. lol )

  2. I am not Ghanaian, but have been to Ghana often and had hoped to retire there!! I just recently returned!! I had rented a house, bought a car and furniture. I needed to go and check on them. But I now have major concerns about retiring to Ghana due to the high crime! Government corruption and what looks like total chaos!! I have many Ghanaian friends trying to leave and some American friends who have been there for many years (many) now wanting to leave. I would hate to see my long time dream of living in Ghana not happen . I think that we need to find a solution to the problem!! While in Ghana recently one of my friends complained that his phone had been stolen right in front of his face!! I “supposedly” had my rented housed robbed! Can’t be sure, has I had a care taker! What do you think is the solution? Many Ghanaians need help with this solution as well!!

    • Hi, it is such a shame to hear of these concerns you have, but I know first hand that they exist and are real.
      I think the lack of jobs are causing people to turn to crime and its such a shame that many foreigners that bring a lot of money into the country are at the brunt end of it. I think the current issues facing Ghana are a higher level/Government/economy issue.

  3. Thank for replying back! I watched your videos on You Tube. I just returned from Ghana. I didn’t have thing taken from me! But found it much more difficult to get around this time!! Just in general!! I visited a community library in Pokause were I donated about 500 books and have taken up that cause. I will be helping to set up libraries and donating books. I have also started an organization called” Shoes to Africa” I accept new or gently used shoes to send to Ghana and other parts of Africa. So these kind of things make me happy. Please see my blog below and perhaps if we keep sharing our concerns things will get better.

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