Happy New Year 2016!

IMG_20160101_002929Happy New year to you all!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to wish you all a happy new year and thank you all for your continued support and encouragment of The Only Way Is Ghana movement.

I didn’t go clubbing tonight as I would surely do if I were in Ghana. It is absolutely cutting (cold) outside so I just spent the evening at home with the family eating and drinking, which as you know is great for me as I have not spent New Years in London for many years, I see why now. I’ve been watching snapchats of people in Ghana and it is just totally different; the fun, sun and enjoyment, if I’m honest its what I miss and what im used to as the thought of going clubbing in this UK weather depresses me. Stepping out of the club at 4am in this biting cold weather, possibly rain as it has been doing a lot of that recently.

Either way I am thankful for being able to spend the crossover with my family, thankful to see another year with good health and blessings on our side. Come and join me on Snapchat -TOWIGhana

I haven’t written my 2016 goals yet, so looking forward to planning out the year ahead. What are your plans for 2016?

Lots of love xx


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