A Quarter Life Crisis: In An African Home

Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. I was recently contacted by fellow African blogger Nana Ashanti of mylovelettertoafrica.com who asked me to collaborate with her and 3 other African bloggers from the US and UK about the Quarter Life Crisis that tends to hit most of us around 25 years old.


Even though I have passed the age of 25, I surely remember having this crisis, wondering whether I was on the right path in life personally and professionally. So can surely add my two pence of advice.Isn’t it funny that when you hit a certain age you automatically think that life will be perfect and set. For me personally I spent most of my 20’s working 2 jobs, running small businesses, chasing money, investing in property, driving nice cars, having fun holidays and raving yet I never really thought how that would impact me once I hit 30. I always wanted to retire before I was 30, when I set my mind to something nothing can convince me to stop or do something else. So ‘retiring’ from my 9-5 career before 30 is exactly what I did!
I have been doing my own thing for a few years now, however it is not easy at all. It is only recently that I have had to stop, collaborate and listen to my inner self, which has been telling me not to focus so much on tangible things.

I definitely think the things that I did in my early 20’s helped me today, as much as I was living life I was also thinking about investing in my future which is what has allowed me the time and finances to do things now in my life. So back to my inner self and what it has been telling me…it has been telling me to slow down with stacking money and to focus more on family.

Living in Ghana has taught me if nothing else that a women needs a partner and a strong network of friends who are God fearing and supportive. Coming from an African home the pressures at this time are usually education, good job, marriage and children. I find it a catch 22 really as if I started having children in my early 20’s maybe I wouldn’t have had the resources to do the the projects I have worked on to date, but then when a women leaves having children too late in life they may end up picking any old waste man from anywhere out of desperation and nobody wants that…

Life is for living, so live it to the fullest…No Regrets!

What are your views? Do you remember your quarter life crisis or are you experiencing one now, share yours with us and check out snippets from my beautiful fellow bloggers articles:

Nana Ashanti

My Love Letter To Africa

“Lately my mum has been dropping hints at marriage. I could be shopping or cooking and the question is “So are you shopping by yourself? Or are you cooking for one?” ” When are you going to have a boyfriend?” “Do you plan to live in your big house by yourself?” Aaah, Asant!!!

Apparently, everything I have done in life will not mean much to her till I get married. But do I blame her? No. She is from an era, where society has made it clear that marriage is the only way to be validated. My advice to all readers is this, “DO YOU, BOO”. The best time is your time! Read full article on her blog: mylovelettertoafrica.com
Amma mamaAll Things Amma Mama

“I know for some African girls 25 years old and up, marriage pressure is a big deal. However, that’s never been the case for me. My mom has never pressured me about marriage. I know she prays about me finding someone (along with other prayers she does over my life). However, she’s never asked me about marriage. I think she’s only asked me once if I was dating anyone. At one point, it seemed that my brother was more concerned about me dating and finding someone. He was more concerned than my own mother! I am grateful that my mom is not pressuring me about marriage. As a black woman, life already has enough stresses. The only thing my mom pressures me about is getting a master’s degree. That is important to her for my own financial independence and stability. I’d rather take that pressure over the marriage pressure.” Read full article on her blog: allthingsammamama.com
De journaeThe D’Journae Blog Magazine

“And you’re thinking, wait.. Is this really my mother? The one who threatened to send me back to Africa because she caught me holding hands with a boy when I was 14? Now all of a sudden I should be marrying!

It’s when you touch 28 that it starts to worsen. Random auntie’s start approaching you “come to my church! You will find husband tomorrow”. “Let me give the pastor your number, he’s a true man of God”.” Read full article on her blog: djournae.com



“…But mom never complained. She allowed me explore my childhood. And my childhood turned out to be just great.
A girl’s best friend is makeup so Every girl has had to use makeup at some point in their lives. Even though it is expensive, we still buy. At least it is able to hide our physical imperfections.” Read full article on her blog: nnepalifestyle.wordpress.com
Check out their posts and watch out for our Quarter Life Crisis videos coming soon.

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