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It is exactly a year today (3rd June 2015) that Ghana was faced with the horrific Accra flood and fire at Kwame Nkrumah Circle which claimed over 150 innocent lives and caused life changing injuries to many more. I remember this day like it was yesterday, read my experience here and watch the heart wrenching video footage here.

Many have said this incident could have been prevented if city authorities had done their job by ensuring the city was kept clean and had appropriate drainage.Today Ghana mourns those lost lives. In President Mahama’s commemoration of this incidents one year anniversary, he tweeted “May the souls of those who departed on June 3, 2015 rest in perfect peace. We’ll continue to correct dev’ts [developments] that led to the disaster.”

A memorial service is underway at the Rev Ernest Bruce Memorial Methodist Church at Adabraka to remember the many victims of the June 03rd Accra flood and fire disaster.

The service is being organised by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Adabraka Local Council of Churches in collaboration with the National Petroleum Authority.
The memorial service will be followed by a wreath laying ceremony at ‘Ground Zero’, the Goil fuel station where many people sought shelter the day the Accra floods happened.

Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan assembly has asked the families and victims of the June 03rd Accra flood disaster to turn to the Lord  as they remember and mourn those who lost their lives during the disaster which many have said could have been prevented.
Alfred Oko Vanderpuye gave the welcome address at the service to remember the lives that were lost during the Accra flood and fire disaster.

famillies of the Accra flood deaths-theonlywayisghana
Families of victims of June 3rd disaster at the memorial service. (Photo credit:

“On this occasion like many others the question more often that not is who shall we turn to? And the answer always will be we must turn to the Lord,” the AMA boss said.

He urged families to praise God regardless of the situation.

“Those who wait upon the Lord we are told will alway renew strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” he quoted.


AMA workers clearing the accra flood disaster site-theonlywayisghana
AMA workers clearing the disaster site completely for the first time since the June 3rd 2015 (Photo credit:


The site is being cleared completely for the first time despite several calls after the Accra flood disaster for the AMA to lead an exercise to clear the site.

Vanderpuye on Tuesday told journalists Accra can now withstand floods as the Odaw and Korle lagoon has been dredged.




For me personally, the fact that it has taken the AMA a year to completely clear the site, poses the question…Was this incident really at the forefront of improvements or was it forgotten about until they had to prepare for this commemoration ceremony? Drainage was a huge cause of this, yes the Odaw and Korle lagoon has been dredged but is that enough? Have the family that lost members and those who were injured been compensated adequately?

What are your thoughts on this?

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