10 times Beyoncè Slayed in African Print

When we hear the name Beyoncé we may think fashion, great music, and fierceness.  It is no surprise that Beyoncè won the Council of Fashion Designers of America or CFDA 2016 fashion icon award. Another popular mention is African print. African print + Beyoncé equals a topic worth discussion. Keep reading to learn about the 10 times Beyoncè has slayed in African fabrics so you can learn how to slay too boo!

  1. Multi Print

In this look, Beyoncé dons a skirt and belted top with a cap.  All of the designs in this look are unique, yet do not clash with one another.beyonce- african print

  1. Hot Shorts

This cute look was captured while Beyoncé and her family were on vacation.  The Ankara printed shorts add an exotic touch to her whole ensemble.

beyonce - african print

  1. African Business Wear

This look can easily transfer from the boardroom to a night out on the town. The pencil skirt adds a professional yet fun touch to any woman’s wardrobe.  The hat adds a trendy look to the whole outfit.


  1. Fitted Blazer

This fitted colorful blazer cinches the waist beautifully. The shorts add a sexy touch.

Beyonce-Knowles-on-set-in-Rio-De-Janeiro-for-new-Alicia-Keys-music-video -theonlywayisghana

  1. Romper Style with Various Prints

The unique print in this ensemble coupled with the different shades of blue catches the eye.  This outfit can be worn for a day at the beach or a late-night dance party.

beyonce - african print - the only way is ghana

  1. Peek-a-boo Blzaer

The plunging neckline on this blazer gives Beyoncè’s look a sexy kick.

goldenicons.com beyonce - african print - the only way is ghana

  1. Top and Pant

This loose fitting up and down as Ghanaian’s like to call it is chic and comfortable all at once. Notice how the look is upgraded with heels. It can also be dressed down with a pair of flats or even fancy looking sneakers.

beyonce - african print - the only way is ghana

  1. Dashiki Top

Dashiki tops are all the rage this summer.  They can be custom made with different colors, styles, and materials.

beyonce - african print - the only way is ghana

  1. Skirt with a Bow

This watermelon colored skirt with a cute bow can flatter different body types. This style can also accentuate the hips for a curvy look.

beyonce - african print - the only way is ghana


10. Printed Tube Dress

The print on this dress differs from anything we’ve seen Beyoncé rock.  This tube dress can transfer from a day outing to a casual outfit.  The headdress and chunky jewelry are the perfect accessories.

beyonce - african print - the only way is ghana

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