Dennis Owusu Ansah Transforming Opinion Through Art

Hollywood’s royal couple, Kim and Kanye have a totally new look and it is all thanks to one instagrammer named Dennis Owusu Ansah. His Instagram is quickly transforming the conversation. His brightly colored pop art creations are not only challenging people to re-think what it means to be African, but is forcing a certain appreciation for African heritage. Dennis a twenty-six year-old Ghanaian living in New York, and his pop art is taking the internet by storm. Today he racks up an impressive twenty-three K followers and counting on Instagram, not to mention the mass amount of sharing and reposting he receives on his content. Meaning that, if you have an account you’ve most likely come across a Dennis Owsu Ansah creation

Dennis wanted his work to tell a story and did just that through his celebrity transformations. He takes some of today’s most influential people and alters them by depicting them in traditional African attire, and giving them each a new African name. Dennis had told CNN that he was inspired to make these images after his friend was mocked by a group of men on the street for wearing his traditional Kente cloth. Now Dennis dedicates his work to educating those around the world on what it means to be Ghanaian and what it means to be African. Like many Africans, he was tired of the media portrayal of Africa, and wanted to showcase the diversity present on the continent. Judging by the immense popularity, there are a great many who shared his hunger for more representation.Dennis Owusu Ansah Pop Art- theonlywayisghana

Now Dennis can add designer to his list of accomplishments. His new Unisex clothing line showcases his pop art designs on hoodies and shirts. The designs are colorful and have a natural street wear edge to them. Even with the use of bright primary colors, and simplistic designs, each piece remains completely unique and very wearable. Some items are limited edition, and everything seems to be extremely high quality with items ranging between the forty to sixty dollar price range. As he keeps expanding in followers and ventures, there is no stopping Dennis Owusu Ansah and his unique creations.

Original Design by Dennis Owusu Ansah- theonlywayisghana

Check out his Instagram showcasing his art @denny_ow. Still craving more? Check out his clothing line here:

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