5 African Makeup Artists Taking The World By Storm Part 1

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Undoubtedly, makeup and beauty are some of the most prevalent trending topics across all social media platforms.  Women and men alike across the world are enthralled with the stunning and sometimes drastic formations that are created by applying make-up.  Keep reading to learn more about some of the hottest UK/US makeup artists and beauty vloggers of African decent.

  1. LizLizLive
LizLizLive makeup artist - theonlywayisghan

Liz Williams, also known as lizlizlive is a budding YouTube beauty vlogger who specializes in beauty, fashion, and make-up application. This 25-year-old England native with Ghanaian roots started her YouTube channel in 2011 and now has 392,303 subscribers and over 54 million views on YouTube. Be sure to check this beauty’s tutorials out.  Follow Liz on Twitter @lizlizlive, Facebook @LizLizLive, and Instagram @lizlizlive.

  1. Jackie Aina
makeup artist
Jackie Aina.

Jackie Aina is a 29-year-old makeup artist, beauty vlogger, and brand ambassador that hails from Los Angeles and is of Nigerian descent.  She previously went by LilPumpkinPie05 and MakeUpGameOnPoint on YouTube when she began making videos in 2006. Jackie has an eclectic background – she is an Army veteran and is a licensed cosmetologist who sometimes works as a freelance makeup artist.  Ms. Aina has 767,317 subscribers on YouTube and her videos have been viewed 48 million times.  Keep up with Ms. Aina on Twitter @jackieaina, Facebook @Jackie Aina and Instagram @jackieaina.

  1. Jennie Jenkins
jennie jenkins makeup artist- theonlywayisghana
Jennie Jenkins

Formerly known on YouTube as beauty by jj and affectionately called jj by her loyal followers, Ms. Jenkins is not only clearly gorgeous but also has the brains to back it up.  She graduated with a degree in Psychology before deciding to pursue makeup artistry as a full time passion. JJ is 28 years old, of Nigerian descent and was raised and currently lives in England. Her YouTube channel began in 2010 and currently has 562,700 subscribers and 54 million views.  Her social media platforms are as follows: Twitter @TheBeautybyJJ, Facebook @BeautyByJJ and Instagram @thejenniejenkins.

  1. Chanel Boateng
Chanel boateng --makeup artist-theonlywayisghana
Chanel Boateng

This curvy beauty is not only a successful YouTube content creator for two channels and a blogger, she is also a proud owner of a beauty line named Amby Rose. Ms. Boateng started her channel after struggling as a young and unemployed single mother to a special needs child.  In 2012, the now 28-year old Ghanaian by way of London, England stepped out on faith by creating a YouTube channel and didn’t look back.  Her channel has 222, 975 subscribers and her videos collectively have been viewed over 14.5 million times.  Check Ms. B out at www.chanelboateng.co.uk,  www.ambyrose.com, Twitter @chanelboateng, Facebook @Chanel Boateng and Instagram @chanelboateng.

  1. Shalom Blac
shalom blac makeup artist-theonlywayisghana
Shalom Blac

Lastly and certainly important to mention is Shalom Nchom who is otherwise known as Shalom Blac; also a YouTube vlogger. 20-year-old Ms. Blac has a unique story to add to the world of beauty.  She is a Nigerian born and Hyattsville, Maryland resident drastically disfigured after being accidentally burned at the age of nine.  However, Ms. Blac has not let her burns serve as a setback.  In 2014, Ms. Blac joined the YouTube community and now has 152, 254 subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 7.5 million times.  Ms. Blac is featured on cosmopolitan.com and on the Rachel Ray Show in the U.S. and continues to strive to motivate women all over the world to look and feel their best.  Follow Ms. Blac on Facebook @Shalom Fly Sweet and Instagram @makeupbyshalom.


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