5 Things Ghanaians Should Stop Doing Now!!

Every society has its challenges. Ghana has many advantages and also its share of circumstances that need to be fixed. Read on to learn the five things Ghanaians should stop doing now!

1. Bleaching
Although the Ghanaian FDA are set for August 2016 to ban bleaching products containing hydroquinone – the main chemical in bleaching creams, soaps, and lotions, this legislative move will do little to change the mindset of certain Ghanaians who think “white is right”.  Bleaching is a symptom of much bigger issues – self-acceptance and self-love.  It’s high time that we realize that we are not born to be exact replicas of one another. Variety is the spice of life; one’s skin tone does not dictate their destiny. Let us stop letting society decide our worth.

ghanaians stop- theonlywayisghana- bukom banku
Boxer, Bukom Banku

2. Judging Other’s Harshly
It is easy to comment on the choices other’s make without knowing all of the details.  We just need to remember that we do not always know why things occur as they do.  Complaining about the fact that Kofi is not married yet or why Afia won’t just become a nurse and earn a lot of money does not solve the problem. Maybe Kofi does not feel like he will be a great husband at this stage of his life. Afia may want to become a psychiatrist.  Let’s learn to focus on accomplishing our goals instead of making the details of other’s lives a focal point in our daily happenings.

ghanaians stop- theonlywayisghana - ofori ambonsah
Ofori Amponsah (Source: jlifefmgh.com)

3. Competing with One Another
Just because your cousin just purchased a house does not mean you have to buy a mansion.  Showing every detail of your life on Facebook and Instagram to summon attention doesn’t mean a thing.  The only competition should be the person staring back at you in the mirror. Self- improvement is key!

ghanaians stop- theonlywayisghana
Source: ghanaflow.net

4. Being Materialistic
While on a recent visit to Ghana, I couldn’t help but notice the knock off Gucci this and Prada that. Why the obsession with name brands? There is so much more to life than rocking designer clothes and buying a new lace every week for attending a wedding.  Keep it simple and live within your means. Wealth can be used to improve the economic status of Ghana and fix some of the issues occurring in the government.

ghanaians stop- theonlywayisghana
Source: netdna-cdn.com

5. Excessive Gossiping
I cannot tell you how many times I have been on a public bus or train or just walking in my hometown of New York City and just happen to hear some folks speaking in Hausa. What strikes me is the conversation involves what’s going wrong in the lives of individuals. How is it productive to gossip about another’s downfall? Then these same people care so much about other’s opinions. Hmm I wonder why?

ghanaians stop- theonlywayisghana - ladies gossiping
Ladies Gossiping (Source: netdna-cdn.com)

Ghanaians have such a rich and captivating culture. If we work together, regardless of religion or skin tone we can go so much further in life and reap success.

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Greetings! Farida Dawkins hails from New York City and is a mother, blogger, writer, Master of Social Work candidate, Jollof lover, and Air Force Veteran. Farida enjoys reading and writing about Ghanaian and African American issues, Ghanaian entertainment, music, fashion, make-up, and beauty. In addition to writing on the only way is Ghana, check her out at faridadawkins.blogspot.com.

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