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Hello TOWIG reader!

My name is Cherlene Wilson, also known as CeCie, and it is an honour and privilege to have this space open up for me to share personal development blogs with you.  Today’s blog is the preface to who I am and also to give you some insight into what I want to bring to you (please note it’s a little longer than I will typically post – honest!).

I was born and raised in London and I am of Jamaican parentage. I LOVE travelling and have lived in a few countries across the world.  I have acted in films, commercials, TV shows and theatre.  I am a spoken word artist, international speaker and currently working on my first ebook. Socially I enjoy salsa dancing, fishing, listening to live music and trips to the ocean.  And lastly, I believe with my entire heart that the stiletto was God’s perfect accessory for women!

I currently live between London and Ghana. From December 2015 to March 2016 I absolutely grew in love with Ghana, and now have an affinity to the land and the people.  From Kelewele and the proper jollof rice (sorry if you’re Nigerian reading this, abeg padi mi, still love me) to Afrikiko’s on a Wednesday night to the bustle and persistent beeping from taxi’s on Oxford Street. Yes, my heart is IN LOVE!!

Why Personal Development? 

Personal development has to take 50% of the credit for me becoming the person that I am today and the individual that I am evolving into.  The other 50% of  the credit goes to my experiences, outlook and the people that I have in my life.

The chances are you have been through some incredible challenging moments in your life – most of us have.  I have learned (and will share with you in the coming weeks) that the key to how we deal with those issues will largely depend on:

1.      What our “anchors” are

2.      The core values that govern our life and decisions and

3.      Self-awareness

If you would like to know more about my personal story you can watch a video here.

My Coaching/Personal Development Philosophy

 I’m passionate about living free from “boxes” as they were created for things, not people and it is important that we do what our hearts long to do.  If we dig deep enough and know what to look for, many of us would find that we very well hold the answer to being paid for our passions. That to me is the ultimate “sweet spot”, as I like to call it. The sweet spot is when our community, calling, creativity and career converge. That is the place where what we do becomes the place of great fulfilment.  In my humble opinion I feel that it is imperative that we proactively seek what each one of those areas are, so that we can accomplish our God-given assignment(s) on this earth.

Have you ever considered that maybe every dream that an individual has, originated in the heart of God? I have and I believe that God saw fit to place the dream inside of someone for them to facilitate it on the earth.   From personal experience, along with what I have learned from clients, the number one thing that holds people back from performing at their peak is that they do not know the value of who they are and what they possess inside of them. I want to help YOU discover this.

Pause for thought: Everything around you right now was a dream in the heart of someone. Yes, even the computer or phone you are reading this on!

From personal experience and what I have learnt from clients, I am acutely aware that the top hindrances that prevent people from performing at their peak are:

1. The inability to see their full potential

2. Unlocking emotional pain/letting go of the past

3. Lack of confidence and believing their dreams, goals and ideas are irrelevant.

As a coach I see every business or organisation whether small, medium or large as a dream that came true. It is our mandate to fulfil as many dreams as we can in our life time – not only for self-fulfilment but also for the people around us.  It is my role to work with the individual’s personal infrastructure to put them in good stead to leverage their goals and influence.

For organisations my workshops include: 

  • Team & Executive Personality Profiling
  • Team Dynamics
  • Identification and understanding of communication styles


Firstly, what I want you to know is that my writing style at times can be thought provoking, comical, transparent and vulnerable.

What you can expect from my bi-weekly (every 2nd and 4th Wednesday) blogs are practical, self-challenging, thought-provoking, real, raw and humorous content alongside the occasional Q&A and interviews with individuals who share the same passion I have for personal development.  This is all in a quest to connect with our shared human experience, regardless of our social economic background, occupation, gender, race or religion.  It will be a platform for us to be frank about personal development and the challenges of developing ourselves, because Chale, it’s not easy ooooo!!

You’ll also get to know a little more about me and how personal development has changed my life from who I used to be, to who I have become and continue to become and that you are able to glean and apply relevant principles to your life.

Finally, it is my hope that as we share our time together you will feel inspired, and encouraged to become the best version of yourself so that you can “show up”, reach your maximum potential and embrace the continuous becoming of who you are. Find out more of what I do, visit my site personal site here!



  • Degreed in Psychology and Criminology from Middlesex University, London
  • 5 year diploma from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California,
  • Sozo Inner Healing Practitioner from Bethel Church, Redding California.
  • Certified success coach, The Coaching Academy, London
  • DiSC Personality Practitioner,  The Coaching Academy London

Business/Brands & Foundations 

  • Founder and CEO of Cherlene Wilson Ltd
  • Founder of The Evolution of Self™
  • Founder of The Love Lounge, USA
  • Co-Founder of The Nia Nzuri Foundation, Ghana

My Clients

  • CEO’s
  • Celebrities
  • People from Arts & Entertainment Industry
  • Corporate Companies
  • Government Officials
  • Educational Institutions
About Cherlene Wilson
Cherlene is a UK born Intuitive Success Coach, International Speaker, Behavioural Personality Analyst and resident Coach for The Only Way Is Ghana. She is Founder of Cherlene and one half Founder of The Nia Nzuri Foundation in Ghana. She's infatuated with Kelewele, loves to travel and is convinced the stiletto is God's perfect accessory to women! e: IG: @cherlenewilson

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