The Evolution of Self

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In my previous blog I shared my intentions for my blog posts and introduced you to who I am along with my coaching philosophy and a bit of background history on me. If you missed it, you can read it here.

What’s the deal with Personal Development?

For a number of years “Personal Development” has been a bit of a buzz word.  Its roots go as far back as Aristotle and Confucius in both western and eastern traditions and practices and is also linked to the psychological theories of Alfred Adler & Carl Jung who laid the foundation for what we see as “Personal development” today.  Back to present day, Personal Development has been made popular by Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, Les Brown and Tony Robins. 

In our day-to-day lives we are learning about people, current affairs, our environment and politics etc.   Voluntarily (and involuntarily) information overload courtesy of twenty-first century technology. But how much of the information digested is creating a positive and lasting change in us? How much of the information you have learned this week is helping you to become a better person?

For us to become greater human beings, living on the earth as the person we have been designed to be, we must choose to evolve. We are and will continue to evolve intentionally because inevitably we change from experience to experience, year to year and so on.

“It is my duty to become the best version of myself for the sake of blessing others with who I am.”  

We go through things in life that have knocked us – maybe further back than we had been before – and then we become stuck. We make declarations like “I am who I am” and to a degree, I understand and concur, however, we “are who we are” still evolving into more of who we can become.

Man in the Mirror Moment

So, who is the real you?

If you were to strip back your gifts, talents, occupation, location, accomplishments – who would be left behind?

I’m a big advocate for “dating yourself”.  I urge clients to take themselves on dates to get to know…well … themselves. What do you love?  What don’t you like? What’s surprised you about yourself?

How about trying something new?  That “thing” you have convinced yourself that you don’t like – you may discover you do (or not) in reality.  Are you afraid of being alone in silence? Do you edit yourself when you are in the presence of a certain type of person? Are you comfortable being you or do you secretly feel empty and unfulfilled?

Below are some tips on how you can get the ball rolling and intentionally take charge of your evolution and not let it simply “happen” to you:

  • Find the area you have the biggest challenge in e.g. Authenticity
  • Find a thought leader in this area e.g. Dr Brené Brown
  • Watch YouTube videos (apply principles) e.g. The Power of Vulnerability  TEDEx Talk by Brené Brown
  • Read books, journals etc. (apply principle/knowledge) e.g.  The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown
  • Think about professional assistance – counsellor, therapist or coach

Last Word …

We are powerful people who have the ability to evolve into whoever we choose to be. With some focused work and effective application we can reinvent ourselves because we are destined for greatness.

Let us be intentional in letting greatness become us.

To Your Evolution,

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Cherlene Wilson

About Cherlene Wilson
Cherlene is a UK born Intuitive Success Coach, International Speaker, Behavioural Personality Analyst and resident Coach for The Only Way Is Ghana. She is Founder of Cherlene and one half Founder of The Nia Nzuri Foundation in Ghana. She's infatuated with Kelewele, loves to travel and is convinced the stiletto is God's perfect accessory to women! e: IG: @cherlenewilson

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  1. Hi there,
    I have been ‘around the block’ a bit. Anyone engaged in export business travels. Let me say that after visiting 93 countries there is no other where people give such a warm welcome that you fall in love with it. I did so aged 20 ( now 68 ) and wish to leave a legacy behind that will assist also those that succumbed to urbanization, moved to the bright lights of Accra.

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