4 Things Ghanaian Parents Should Understand About Their US/UK Born Children

  1. Just Because We’re Outspoken Doesn’t Mean Our Intention Is To Be Disrespectful

From what my parents have taught me and re-iterated to me throughout my years on this earth is your parents are ALWAYS right.  Even if they’re wrong.  But what this can do is cause children to feel unsafe about raising discussions with their parents. Non-communication can sometimes cause an unseen barrier between child and parent.  How about we encourage respectful communication instead?

John Dumelo speaking passionately (Photo Credit: Starr Fm Online)
John Dumelo speaking passionately.


  1. Our Aspirations Are Worth It To Us.

So maybe some parents don’t agree with some of our life choices or career paths. However, remember that times are changing and more youths are looking to gain multiple streams of income.  Conventional careers are not obsolete, it’s just that unconventional career paths are a sign of the changing times.  Encouraging education is always a great idea but being overly critical about your child’s choice of employment can cause a rift.

Young Ghanaian Filmmaker (Photo Credit: Swagg News  Africa)
Young Ghanaian Filmmaker (Photo Credit: Swagg News Africa)
  1. We Have Feelings Too. Don’t Be So Harsh.

I know that the Ghanaian way is brash and direct at times.  Nevertheless, children emulate what they see in their households and environment.  It’s important for adolescents to learn through discipline and on-the-spot correction.  But, constant screaming can backfire when your child no longer listens to your yelling.  This also applies to spanking. Do it too much and your child may become immune to it.  At times a stern talking to may get your point across.

Kris Brummells (Photo Credit: Ghana Rising)
Kris Brummells (Photo Credit: Ghana Rising)


  1. We’re Being Exposed To Two Different Cultures Simultaneously So We May Have Opposing Views.

Ghanaian parents may think their children should live with them until marriage. Ghanaian children may want to travel before having the responsibility of raising children and being a spouse.  Ghanaian parents may be worried about their children marrying late in life.  Ghanaian children may want to gain more experience in their lives and have established employment before picking a spouse.  Differences of opinion may sometimes cause huge disagreements.  It may be wise to have open discussions about differing viewpoints.

Felix M. Sarpong in NYC (Photo Credit: NY Times)
Felix M. Sarpong in NYC (Photo Credit: NY Times)

At the end of the day, we all have free will to make choices in our lives.  Choices come with negative or positive consequences. Nonetheless, these decisions shouldn’t be taken as defiance or stubbornness. It just means we are unique and see things differently. So communicate!

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