5 African Make-Up Artists Taking The World By Storm Part 2

The world has not stopped talking about or viewing make-up artistry.  When I look at my “Videos You Might Like” page on Instagram I am bound to see a beautiful African or African American woman with impeccable makeup.  I did 5 African Make-Up Artists Taking The World By Storm Part 1, keep reading to find out my additions to the top five African beauty vloggers.

  1. Peakmill

The stunning Khadijat who is referred to as Peakmill as in the most popular canned milk product in Ghana and Nigeria is a 24-year-old beauty, make-up, and fashion vlogger on YouTube who boasts 822,611 subscribers and 67 million views on YouTube. Peakmill started her channel in 2011 and is of Nigerian descent, was raised in Colorado but now resides in Maryland.  Keep in touch with her on Facebook @Peakmilll and Facebook @Peakmill.

2. OmabelleTV


The talented Omabelle is a 27-year-old Nigerian makeup artist in addition to being a beauty, fashion, hair, and makeup vlogger on YouTube.  This beauty began posting videos in 2012 and now has 119, 222 subscribers and her videos have been viewed 10.5 million times! Omabelle stands out because she previously suffered from severe acne but did not let this fact deter her from showing her viewers how to cover up their imperfections effortlessly. Omabelle resides in New Jersey but travels to New York City and Los Angeles upon request.  Stay connected to her on Facebook @OmabelleBeauty, Instagram @Omabelle, Twitter @ Omabellemodel, and her website at www.omabelle.com.

3. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright

The eclectic Mrs. Bright is a 29-year-old beauty, fashion, and makeup expert who vlogs on YouTube.  Bright is of Nigerian parentage but was raised and resides in the United Kingdom.  Starting her YouTube channel in 2009, she now has 915,312 subscribers and 78.9 million views.  Bright also has a second vlog channel called Britpoplife Vlogs which has 260,007 subscribers and 18.3 million views.  See what Bright does on her down time on Twitter @PattyOLovesU, Instagram @ThePatriciaBright, and her website at www.patriciabright.co.uk.

4. Shirley B. Eniang

Shirley B. Eniang theonlywayisghana
Shirley B. Eniang

Ms. Eniang is only 26-years-old and is already building a successful and lucrative future for herself.  Eniang is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger and blogger who has 697,441 subscribers and 45 million views on her YouTube channel.  Eniang began her channel in 2008 and the content of her videos vary from hauls outfit of the day, and make-up tips.  Eniang is of Ghanaian, Nigerian, and Canadian descent.  She can be found on Facebook @shirley.b.eniang, Instagram @shirleybeniang, twitter @ShirleyBEniang, Tumblr @shirleybeniang and her style blog at www.shirleyswardrobe.com.


5. Bellesa Africa

Bellesa Africa (Kangai Mwiti)

Bellesa Africa comprises of a team of talented make-up artists who formed a YouTube channel in 2012 to show women of color how to successfully apply makeup to enhance their rich tones.  The “face” of Bellesa Africa is Kangai Mwiti also a marketing executive and all of BA hail from Kenya. To date. Bellesa Africa has 94,992 subscribers and 6.1 million views.  Catch up with Bellesa Africa on Facebook @BellesaAfrica, Instagram @bellesaafrica, Twitter @BellesaAfrica, Pinterest @Bellesa Africa by Kangai, and on www.BellesaAfrica.com.

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