5 African Styles You Should Be Emulating in 2016

5 African Styles chris brown

African apparel and style have long been copied in mainstream fashion. However, in 2016 there has been a resurgence of African print on clothing, shoes, and ladies and men’s accessories.  Keep reading to find out which styles should be included in your wardrobe.

  1. Ankara Dress

Ankara is all the rage in 2016. From New York City to Ghana, Ankara patterns have been spotted on the young and old alike.  There has been a resurgence of African-themed clothing and obtaining Ankara pieces are as simple as hopping onto Instagram or doing a google search.

Ankara dress (Photo Credit: Fashionce.com)
Ankara dress (Photo Credit: Fashionce.com)
  1. Ankara Shirt/Dress

The Ankara shirt or dress is equally as popular as Ghanaian Jollof these days.  This printed apparel is available in a variety of materials, patterns, and colors.  It can be dressed up with pumps or dress shoes for the gentlemen or dressed down with some trousers and a fresh pair of kicks or canvas as Ghanaians may refer to it.

Ankara dress (Photo Credit: Aliexpress)
Ankara dress
  1. Kente Cloth Dress

Kente cloth has never really lost its popularity in Ghana.  However, in 2016 younger brides can be seen adorning this beautifully patterned cloth.  I cannot go to a wedding based page on social media without seeing at least one or two brides with it on.  Kente comes in a variety of colors and patterns that each have unique meanings and symbols.

Kente cloth dress (Photo Credit: Styles 7)
Kente cloth dress (Photo Credit: Styles 7)
  1. Gelé

Gone are the days of haphazardly wrapped gelès that take up what is equivalent to the width of an American football field – ok, a bit of an exaggeration but you understand where I’m coming from.  Currently, there are gelè artists who are impeccably skilled at wrapping beautiful and neat designs.  Try wearing a gelè with traditional African cloth or an evening gown.

Gele (Photo Credit: Maboplus)
Gele (Photo Credit: Maboplus)


  1. Ankara Printed Blazer

Fellas you are not be alienated.  Men are now able to rock African print at work or for leisure purposes.  An Ankara printed blazer takes the drab look and turns the man wearing it into a model.  What are some styles you will be trying this fall?

Ankara blazer (Photo Credit: Sunday Times Live ZA)
Ankara blazer (Photo Credit: Sunday Times Live ZA)
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