Bôhten’s Vision for the Future

Photo from Bohten.com

Glasses can sometimes be an accessory of necessity and not always of fashion. Brands like Bôhten had a vision and managed to marry the two with their collection of glasses frames, and sunglasses. From unique shapes, to intricate wooden details, Bôhten uses its Ghanaian roots to give an entirely new twist on a pair of sunglasses. Nana Boateng Osei is the visionary designer/founder behind the environmentally friendly brand, Bôhten. The sustainable luxury eyewear brand reclaims materials and uses wood sourced from Ghana. The designs are classic, sophisticated, and lightweight with an urban flare. With each frame containing a different finish, no pair is the same.

Photo credit vision Bohten.com
Photo credit: Bohten.com

Nana Boateng Osei’s vision came about in the mountainous region of Kwahu, one of the highest habitable places in Ghana. Reading through the story bio on the Bôhten website, one cannot help but feel the sincerity, beauty, and love placed in each piece. He drew inspiration for his line of glasses from his Ghanaian roots, nature, and his late grandfather.

Photo taken from Bohten.com vision
Photo credit: Bohten.com

The goal of this company is to have global outreach, and to develop a manufacturing supply chain in Africa. The brand started off producing selling their products online and in Canada. As of 2015 they partnered with Makenzie Design to create Bôhten Manufacturing where they opened up their first local factory. Not only to encourage sustainable design and fashion, but to hopefully encourage outsourcing labor to Ghana.

Photo taken from Bohten.com vision
Photo credit: Bohten.com


The company has also partnered with the UK organization the Sightsavers to create the Power of One initiative. Every Pair that is bought guarantees a donation to the Sightsaver organization that assists those in developing nations. The eyewear ranges from $110 and up. Any pair of these frames will be like no other item you have purchased before. The brand’s use of material and shape will set you apart from anyone else.


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