Raising Self-Awareness

“One of the greatest discoveries in life is self discovery. When we learn who we are, our possibilities are endless”.  – Cherlene Wilson 

We live. We grow. We get older, but how much do we search to discover aspects of who we are that we haven’t seen before? Whatever that may look like there are aspects of us that we are yet to discover and that we will continue to discover throughout our life time.

We are all uniquely formed and have multiple factors that make us who we are. Our personality is one of those.

Today starts a series of articles on raising self-awareness! In today’s article I want to share a tool that can help you have a little more insight, that may give you some surprising revelations if you haven’t done the test before.Today we will speak about a personality test that a lot of people find informative and confirming about their personalities.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test (MBTI)

In The Evolution of Self article I shared on the history of personal development and mentioned some of the thought leaders of it. Myers and Briggs were two women who were inspired by the work of Carl Jung. Both ladies were passionate about helping people to understand themselves and set out to do so. Myers created a questionnaire that would help people to identify their psychological personality type. As a result of this test many people have come understand themselves and the people around them in a much deeper way.

From personal experience taking the test and understanding the results have helped immensely and also been a much needed contributing factor to assist me in understanding my clients.

Raising self-awareness is critical if we are to be the best version of ourselves. And perform to our optimum level in our working environments and businesses.

MBTI is one of the most notable tests used today, if you haven’t done it before I would like to encourage you to do it. Here is a link for you to take the test online for free! 

Post your results it the comments below, I would love to learn what you are. Happy testing!


To your evolution,


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Cherlene is a UK born Intuitive Success Coach, International Speaker, Behavioural Personality Analyst and resident Coach for The Only Way Is Ghana. She is Founder of Cherlene Wilson.com and one half Founder of The Nia Nzuri Foundation in Ghana. She's infatuated with Kelewele, loves to travel and is convinced the stiletto is God's perfect accessory to women! e: cherlene@theonlywayisghana.com IG: @cherlenewilson

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