SETTING UP A BUSINESS IN GHANA 6: File at the Registrar General’s Department

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The Only Way Is Ghana has partnered with Swift Law, a legal tech platform that allows its clients to register a company name (in a week!) or intellectual property in Ghana simply by filling out online documents. This week is the last of our 6 week course for how to set up a business in Ghana. If you have any pressing questions they are also on hand to answer your related questions in The Only Way Is Ghana forum

So step 6 is…File at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD)

When the filing fees and capital duty has been paid, the documents are then verified and filed at the RGD. If there are no objections, in a few weeks, expect to receive your original certificate of incorporation, certificate to commence business (in a few instances, the certificate to commence business may not be issued, this is where a specific business permit must be obtained by the company before the business commences) and certified true copies of the form 3, form 4 and the regulations.


Our focus for this 6 week course was on a limited liability company, although the process is largely similar for the other legal entities. We hope you have found this course useful.

If you have any questions related to registering or setting up a business in Ghana, Swift Law they are on hand to answer your questions in The Only Way Is Ghana forum.

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  1. Hello –
    Thank you for taking the time to post this much needed series. My question is regarding this stage of the process. Do these items come via mail or are these items that you have to pickup in person after waiting a certain amount of time? Additionally, is there a RGD office in every state or just in Accra? I am planning to locate my business outside of Takoradi and wondering if there is a local office there.

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