SETTING UP A BUSINESS IN GHANA 4: Complete your RGD documents

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The Only Way Is Ghana has partnered with Swift Law, a legal tech platform that allows its clients to register a company name (in a week!) or intellectual property in Ghana simply by filling out online documents. Four weeks ago Swift Law started providing you with 6 steps to setting up a business in Ghana. This and every Thursday for the next 2 weeks, stay tuned for this vital information. If you have any pressing questions they are also on hand to answer your related questions in The Only Way Is Ghana forum

So step 4 is…Complete your Registrar General’s Department (RGD) documents

Form 3 (Return of Particulars of a Company Limited by Shares) – You’ll be required to complete this form with details of the directors, secretary, auditor of the company (name, age, nationality, occupation, postal and physical address) as well as the physical and postal registered addresses, contact details and the objects of the company as well. 

Form 4 – You’ll be required to complete this form with just the details of the directors and company secretary (yes its a tad repetitive we know!)

Regulations – The regulation of the company are the rules which govern the operation of the company. You’ll be required to complete this form with such details as the number of shares the company is registered with, who the shareholders of the company are and the respective shareholding proportions between its members.  The minimum stated capital a company  limited by shares may have is currently GHS 500.

You may hire a Ghanaian lawyer to draft the regulations for you or alternatively you may use the standard regulations issued by the RGD for free.

Once you have the name reserved, it is time to complete your RGD documents. 


Our focus for this 6 week course will be on a limited liability company, although the process is largely similar for the other legal entities.

If you have any questions related to registering or setting up a business in Ghana, Swift Law they are on hand to answer your questions in The Only Way Is Ghana forum.

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