Top 6 Lucrative Businesses in Ghana

Ghana is becoming a budding economic hub.  More and more people are deciding to emigrate and establish themselves in the motherland.  This enables the formation of new businesses that attract tourists and natives alike.  Read below to learn about businesses that are earning large amounts.

  1. Restaurants/Chop Bars
Ghanaian Restaurant (Photo Credit: Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra)

Everyone needs to eat.  At any time of day or night, customers can purchase any type of food that tantalizes their pallet.  Opening up businesses dedicated to serving patrons with food is a sure bet that you will earn a great income.  Do not limit yourself by thinking you have to open a big establishment – a simple stand that sells snacks or finger foods will do the trick.

  1. Beverage/Minerals
African woman selling water (Photo Credit: Small Starter)

Along with food, hydration is a must. The high temperatures and humidity in Ghana make it pertinent for individuals to have access to libations at any time.  Opening up a warehouse that sells drinks on a wholesale basis or retail can rack up major Cedis.  Although not all residents of Ghana consume alcohol, it is a major seller – a business can be catered to providing alcohol for functions that call for it.

  1. Cosmetics
Makeup (Photo Credit: InStyle)

Makeup and hair products are a major hit among young Ghanaians.  Those with disposable income are able to purchase these items more frequently and regardless of cost.  Opening a salon or nail shop that also offers eyelash extension and eyebrow grooming, makeup stores, and beauty supply stores are all opportunities to earn a large amount of money.

  1. Pharmacies
Pharmacy (Photo Credit: Ghana Vibes)

On a recent visit to Ghana, it amazed me how easy and affordable it was to gain access to medications.  No need to visit a doctor, just a short trip to the neighborhood pharmacy and all is well again.  With Ghana’s population including a high number of young children and the elderly, medications are in high demand.  A drug store featuring a plethora of medications will be sure to draw in many customers. Ka Ching!

  1. Real Estate
Home in Ghana (Photo Credit: Ghana Web)

Land in Ghana is readily accessible and reasonably priced.  Purchasing a few plots, building office buildings or apartments and renting out these commodities is practicing good business sense, providing a needed service, increasing employment rates, and putting money in the pockets of workers and business owners. It’s a win-win situation.


  1. Shipping/Cargo
Cargo Compound (Photo Credit: 123 Cargo)

Many inhabitants of Ghana have family members or friends living abroad. Oftentimes, residents of Ghana are sent items from different locations. Visitors or those looking to stay in Ghana for an extended period of time need companies that are highly experienced in importing and exporting goods without damaging items or complicating processes.  A company with the knowledge and great reputation to back it up will be laughing all the way to the bank.


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