6 Ways Ghanaian Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Their Employees Productivity


Are you an entrepreneur in Ghana or any part of Africa? Are you frustrated with how your employees work to receive their wages and not to truly grow your company? Do you think your business is not growing as projected by your vision? Maybe, you are concerned about why your employees always contact you before they make any decision they should have done on their own, then, this blog post is for you. In this post, you will gain insight on why you should grow your employees and how to empower them to maximize their productivity so that they can collectively grow your company.

Africans are known all over the world for their hard-work and resilience to achieve their aim. The hardwork of Africans is what has built the America we know today as well as develop other continents up till the present age. People from other continents sometimes show concern about why Africans work hard and they are yet to develop their continent to level up with other developed continents even though, we have the highest number of resources and possess the second largest consumer market in the world. The reason is:In Africa, we truly work hard but our hard work has been mostly myopic to the industrial age.

The entrepreneurial age started from the industrial age where enterprises were built on the knowledge of founders, leaders and managers of such enterprises. While they employ more of their workforce to carry out the same daily activity which requires more of their physical strength and lesser mental strength. These chain of activity is more common in manufacturing industries but the world is changing fast, and transitioning from the industrial age of managing people like things to the information and knowledge age of managing people as the creative resource that they are exist to be. As an entrepreneur, you create jobs but these jobs may become liabilities instead of being an asset if your employees refuse to grow at your own speed so that you can attain your company goals and vision. Below are 5 ways to grow your company by growing your employees.


When you hire a new employee, you should ensure that you know why they decided to join your team, and how they believe your team can help them achieve their current goals. The goals might be to earn a living, to be productive with their time, to be a part of something successful or to gain experience that can earn them financial freedom. Assure them that the best way you can help them achieve their goals is when you know it. Your knowledge of their immediate and long term goals is what can help you allign their goals with your organizational goal. It will make you understand their interest and help you protect those interests so that they can unleash their energy and time for the benefit of your company.


Employees are human beings that possess the physical strength of their body, the mental strength of their mind, the emotional strength of their heart, and the spirit to always be successful in their endeavors. These strengths are their core values that makes them unique from every other human being. Although, we live in an imperfect world that makes everyone living in it to keep striving for perfection but these strengths cannot be underrated. Your leadership skills and characters will have to be exercised so that you can understand how their strengths can achieve their goals. You should frequently remind them of their core values and empower them to learn more skills that will be relevant for their personal goals and the overall goal of your company. Everyone likes feeling appreciated, even you. Your employees will appreciate it more when they are praised in front of their colleagues.


black-business-managerYou can set up an environment where information is quickly and openly exchanged between you and your employees. Always be polite in the way you listen to them and you should pause whatever you are doing so that they can perceive your sense of concentration that will improve their communication with you. You should also learn to ask of the welfare of their families, because most of them are working with you to provide for their families. This will make them feel more comfortable sharing their personal life with you and that serves as a gateway for you to tap into their emotional strength.
You can allow your employees to interact by teaching each other, learning from each other and giving feedbacks to one another, through daily stand-ups about their current achievements and problems. You can also allow your employees to be able to contribute ideas and insights on open communications. For the benefit of silence, you may also have a room that your employees can go if they seek total silence at anytime, just like you have a presentation room, you can have a silent room for your employees.
Also if your employees are allowed to have conversations, ensure they are not gossiping or being detrimental with their conversations. Cultivate a business ethic that will allow them to only discuss events they can learn from and more importantly, ideas. Small minds discuss people and your company should be made up of great people.


Since you already know their core values, potentials and goals, you should start allowing your employees to have the freedom of making decisions themselves, especially, decisions that even though, they go wrong, wont cost the company her reputation to major stakeholders like customers and investors. Your employees will not grow if you let them have the fear of making mistakes. Allow them to exercise their intelligence to achieve these goals with a constant learning through actions and mentoring. Direct and timely conversations will help you avoid internal conflict when they make mistakes that may stir up backbiting and always teach them the lessons in their mistakes. Being able to speak to you directly and in person promotes friendliness so make sure you give them specific feedbacks on where and how they can improve whenever they make mistakes, as well as you should always give them positive feedback whenever their decisions are innovative. As your employees gets better in decision making and become highly proficient in their own role as they learn and improve their skills, it may be necessary to promote them and offer them new responsibilities. This will help them expand their skill-set even more, in as much you still allow them to be in tune with their personal goals.

managers and employees


An employee might be unable to get a lot of tasks executed due to multitasking, poor time management or strategic planning. Sometimes, your employee may be having emotional downtime or physical health issues. The perfomance metrics you develop will make it possible for you to analyze and track the improvement and dedication of your employees. The data you collect from these metrics will help you to determine when an employee needs to acquire a new skill or needs some counselling.



This is the most important part of growing an employee. This is what changes your employees to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that are working collectively on the same vision and alligned goals is what makes an enterprise. To build an enterprise through employee productivity, you should teach your employees how to train others. This will help them build a personal brand that will increase your company’s reputation, as well as it will give them the strength to develop newly hired employees into experts, that you have made them grow to become. Allow them to coach others and own themselves, so that they can grow their mindset enough to grow your company. You can even allow them to have their name registered with your company and be your company’s subsidiary or let them own a company that will be your partner, while they are still with you. Richard Branson the founder of Virgin Group once said, “train people well enough so that they can live and treat them well enough so that they dont want to leave.”


Your company’s success depends on your employees, they are the major pillar whose activities are perceived more by your customers and market reach, so their improvement will increase the word of mouth referrals for your company. Tap into their body, mind, heart and soul to achieve the outstanding results, because my belief is that when you grow your employees, they grow your company.

Do you have any problem you have been facing regarding how to effectively grow your employees?

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