Ghanaian Luxury Shoes Brand: Heel The World

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“If we cannot make our own shoes, then when shall we make our own planes?”. Fred Deegbe Jr. CEO of Heel The World

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Frederick Deegbe is one of the revolutionary minds behind Heel the world a luxury shoemaking company in Accra. A former banker, Fred decided to do something spectacular and create a luxury shoe brand. Having dipped his toes in the fashion industry in his years after graduation, Fredrick was no stranger to the industry. Heel of the world entered fruition after a fellow shoemaker told Frederick that a luxury shoe brand could never come out of Africa.

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It led to Heel the world, a shoe making enterprise that was directed toward building up start-ups. Frederick partnered up with Vijay Manu and Jeffery Manu, the trio have been working together ever since then. These young men work to empower Ghanaian businesses and prove that success, innovation, and luxury can originate from Ghana.


The luxury shoe brand has an assortment of shoe types available.  Brogues, slippers, loafers, and oxfords are all available for purchase from their site Each shoe is perfectly crafted, and in an array of colors and designs that make each pair a unique and standout piece. A long with shoes, Heel the world has a collection of empowerment beads, a simple piece that is a reminder of the never ending potential within Africa.

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