3 Tips To Boost Confidence – In The New Place You Call Home

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Many still aspire to pack their bags in search for pastures new, for those who have taken the leap, congratulations! I can relate to the feeling of a sudden change of environment, because I have done it also. I want to share how faith and confidence allowed me to flourish in my new abode. Without faith and the love of self, there will be a struggle to settle in fully, accept your new surroundings, and go on to do bigger, bolder things.

Faith means believing and letting go, no, fully letting go. It’s easier said than done, when I packed my bags and left for a new city, I was elated at first, I pinched myself for whole month! Then the dust settled, I had completed my goal, once the penny had dropped that I was in a new environment, my ego struggled to let go and accept my new home.

Photo credit: Ross Parmly
Photo credit: Ross Parmly

It’s very important to put yourself out there, get to know new people and travel your new country. If you want to be happy, you first need to embrace your new situation and stop yearning for your old one.

Photo credit: Luca Zanon
Photo credit: Luca Zanon

You see without faith, things cannot naturally manifest. Faith with positive intention is the only way that I feel you can truly allow a productive flow into your life. If you worry and use your mind to project nothing but fear, worry and doubt , you create mental barriers. It is natural to have nerves and it is natural sometimes to have disbelief but try not to let these thoughts outweigh projecting yourself getting what you want.

Faith leads us to true happiness the kind of happiness which cannot be destroyed by everlastingly changing circumstances and conditions of this world. Your mind state affects your ability to develop and grow your confidence.

Photo caption: Darius Sankowski
Photo caption: Darius Sankowski

Here are 3 tips to start using today to build your faith and start manifesting your goals.

  1. Set a clear intention before going to any place or event will help you to stay focused on your desired outcome. It will also help you to remove emotion to apply logic to any important decisions you need to make in your new surroundings.
  2. Complete a daily Gratitude List in a notebook of your choice, and write down all the things you are grateful for, you can make this a list of 5 -10. This will help you to keep a positive spin on your endeavours.
  3. Start your day by saying daily affirmations. To do this, find some time in the morning to remind yourself of all your good points. Tell yourself repeatedly that you are a self-confident person and that you hold in your hand the power to do whatever you want. As you’re saying the affirmation, think and feel as you would if you’re already the confident person you aspire to be. As you affirm it day after day, you’ll soon find your faith growing and confidence building.Don’t be overwhelmed, define your steps; control your day and your life with using faith in a positive way… Have a go!

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