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I’m hoping that you have had a great week and this week proves to be the best one of the month so far. In last week’s article I shared a topic that I find extremely insightful. It is a very beneficial tool to understand how to love people well and teaching people how to love us. If you missed the post you can find it here. Please do take a moment to read it, I promise, if you acquire an understanding of the Love Languages and implement them, you will discover that the quality of your relationships will increase.

This week’s post is inspired by a conversation I had recently with a client. We were speaking of a particular area of challenge for this individual, to which we reduced it being a unclear sense of identity. As a result I want to share something that I have been thinking about most of the day.

Most of us know who Beyoncé is and the  Beyoncé who has an alter ego by the name of Sasha Fierce. I know. Bear with me for a moment.

When we are unclear of who we are we will find ourselves faltering between who we are and  who we are actually  meant to be. What I mean by this is, for the most part we believe that we can be great. That we can be amazing at what we dream of doing, with the hope it will become a reality in our lives. Some people have religious beliefs that encourages living in the realisation that they are set apart from other sects of people. Whatever the fundamental core belief is, the truth is, if we do not have a clear sense of self, we will act outside of that. The way I like to put it is ‘you are not being yourself right now’.

When we have a sense of identity and then act polar opposite to it, we are not only choosing to create a false reality, but we become an imposter, because that is not our true self.

How to we solidify our identity? 

  1. Ask questions – Ask yourself questions about who you believe yourself to be (the positives). Create statements that affirm those things and repeat them to yourself.
  2. Choose to believe Truth – It is always easier to believe a lie about ourselves than to believe the truth. When we partner with truth it gives us the freedom to be who we are.
  3. Self-Acceptance – This has been found to be most challenging – accepting who you are. One of the most freeing things and equally most daunting. Being “at home” with who you are, in the face of who you are around and choosing to embrace self, is powerful. When we embrace self, we become stable in who we are, put “Sasha” to sleep and engage our true nature.
  4. Self-awareness – This is critical. If you do not know that one moment you are Beyoncé, the next Sasha Fierce, you will be liable to be viewed as one with a personality issue. It is typical for us to tap into our “other self”, however in doing so, at best, deprives us of being present. When we are self aware, we can rest in the confidence that we know what is happening with us and find our acceptance and power in it.

I hope this has been found to be helpful and insightful for you.  Next week e will be sharing about DiSC Personality Profiling which promises to be exciting.

As always please do leave a comment below to share your thoughts, that I will enjoy reading.

Have an incredible rest of the week and thank you for reading.

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