Four African Entertainers To Watch Out For in 2017

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African culture has permeated American mainstream art forms and will continue to do so in the years to come. Keep reading to learn my take on some of the most talented African entertainers that will gain traction in 2017 and beyond.


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  1. Azizaa 
Azizaa (Photo Credit:
Azizaa (Photo Credit:

Azizaa is a Ghanaian-born woman who hails from the ewe tribe and is now residing in Brooklyn, New York.  Azizaa is a singer who has introduced the world to her unique genre of music called “voodoo music.”  She is already causing controversy by condemning Christianity in Ghanaian culture. This eclectic young woman expresses her music and religion as artistry and wants her listeners to be taken on a journey where they not only realize their strength but, learn more about the Voodoo religion. Azizaa brings a different look, sound, and style to the Ghanaian music scene.  She will surely turn heads in the near future.  Her released tracks include “Black Magic Woman” and “Voodoo Pussy.”

2. Lilwin

Lilwin (Photo credit:
Lilwin (Photo Credit:

Lilwin or Ghana Li’l Wayne born Kwadwo Nkansah is currently considered one of Ghana’s funniest comedians.  This actor and comic stands out because of his “unique” features considered ugly by some, however, this does not deter him. The 26-year-old has been on the movie scene for quite a while but is now becoming popular. He named himself Lilwin because he believes he resembles the popular American rapper Lil Wayne. You can catch him in films such as “Azonto Ghost,” “Mogya Kronkron,” and “Sika Kasa.”

3. AphricanApe

AphricanApe (Photo credit:
AphricanApe (Photo Credit:

Dami Olatunde also known as AphricanApe is enabling his audience to suffer rib pains from extreme laughter while viewing his videos on Instagram and Facebook.  The former accountant decided to follow his dream of entertaining the masses so he quit his job and took a step out on faith. His videos are relatable because he usually pokes fun at African parents and the mannerisms and behaviors of African youth. AphricanApe is Nigerian-born and was raised in the United States where he resides today. He has 347,000 followers on IG and was recently featured in an article on which is still trending. He surely has a bright future ahead.

4. Dulo

Dulo (Photo Credit: Instagram)
Dulo (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Dulo otherwise known as Abdulazeem Dulo Harris is a Nigerian entertainer, comedian, actor, and Master of Ceremonies. Dulo is Nigerian born and raised until he was nine, then migrated to the U.S.  He boasts 397,000 followers on IG and familiarized the hashtag #Africanparentsbelike. His good looks, charm, and humor are sure to take the entertainment world by storm.

These entertainment powerhouses make it exciting to claim African heritage. Did your favorite artist make the list? Who would you add? Let me know in the comment section!

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