It Is Time For Ghanaians To Progress: Pain and Disappointment Are Part Of The Process

Let me be frank. Some Ghanaians are notorious for doling out insults and unsolicited advice.  Ghanaians are fond of following the status quo and becoming lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. There is nothing wrong with that, however, what happens when you decide to accomplish your goals and you don’t “fit the mold?” Expect to be negatively judged, dissuaded, looked down upon, and fervently questioned. Ghanaians have a multitude of opportunities for personal and economic growth. Nonetheless, it is time to stop getting in our own way and time for us to realize that challenges are part of the path towards growth and success. Keep reading to learn some obstacles you’ll face on the road to greatness and how to just chuck it up to experience.


Ghanaian Women: Realize Your Power


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It is easy to get overwhelmed when you’re wearing multiple hats. Mother, husband, wife, student, entrepreneur, business owner, professional, etc.  You may have to take one hat off to don another or wear several hats at once. Burnout is inevitable. You have to take a breath, keep focused, and remember what your purpose is on those days when you feel like giving up. You may have to regroup but don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t possible to make your dreams come true.

Lack of Support

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Those who you thought would be there for you may not. They may question your motives or become critical or envious because your passion makes them question their lack of drive or it may remind them that they are not living up to their full potential.  Others may tell you flat out that you will fail. When WizKid started going to the studio to make music his parents did not believe his dream of becoming one of the most popular Afro-Pop artists would come to fruition. Another popular Nigerian pop artist named Flavour recounts how his mother thought becoming a singer was just a waste of time. But these two, respectively persevered and are now some of the hottest artists on the African music scene.  My point here is other’s doubt shouldn’t make you doubt yourself.

Lack of Funds

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You may have the skill, talent, and opportunity to accomplish your goals but lack the capital. This in and of itself is discouraging. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to mean bye-bye to your aspirations. You can get what is called a  “bridge job” – one that provides the funds you’ll need to finance your dream.  You can also seek out an internship or apprenticeship in your desired field. A loan can be obtained or you can solicit the assistance of an investor. Either way, if the dream is in your heart and you believe in yourself, you can succeed. It won’t be easy and there will be many times where your internal pain, tears, tiredness, lack of motivation will attempt to overtake you.  Don’t let it.

What are some accounts you have of having and accomplishing a dream no one thought possible? Can you relate to the post above? What is some advice you may have for those aspiring not to follow the status quo? Please share in the comments section!

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