Ghanaians: 3 Ways To Deal With Emotionally Distant People

Ghanaians, I know we pride ourselves on being strong and resilient. Nonetheless, It’s important that we recognize that sometimes we need to lend emotional and various forms of support to others when they need it. There’s nothing worse than needing help or a shoulder to cry on and feeling alone although you have many people around you. I get that we sometimes have to build a tough exterior to combat the challenges that arise in our lives but let’s not forget, we’re all human beings and we all experience pain at some point in our lives. keep reading to learn 3 ways to deal with emotionally distant people.


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  1. Don’t Feel Bad
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It’s difficult not to feel like there is something wrong with you but being sensitive in today’s world is actually a strength, not a weakness. You may be told to ‘toughen up,” “man up,” or “be strong.” Just remember you already are strong for being honest with your emotions because many people suppress or hide their true feelings. Keep being you.  Don’t  feel weak because others don’t understand you. If they can’t relate to you, that’s okay just keep it pushing and find those who support you.

2. Find Your Tribe

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Next, spend time with those who are caring and are willing to understand you. You don’t have to waste time explaining yourself to those unwilling to be a support system. Know who to keep in your inner circle and whom to keep out of it. As you grow stronger, you’ll attract those whom you’re meant to be close to.

3. Find Those You Can Talk To

(Photo Credit: Compassion International Blog)
(Photo Credit: Compassion International Blog)

Lastly, everyone needs an ear every now and again. Whether it be a close friend, counselor, therapist, mental health specialist, a member of the clergy, or an imam, talking with a trained professional or trusted source can help when times get rough. Your voice and your mental health matter. Invest in yourself and find the help you may need. You’ll thank yourself later.

Do you consider yourself an emotionally dependent person? How do you cope? Are you emotionally distant? Why? What are some tips you can add to this post? Remember to share in the comments section.

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