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Christie Brown has been long regarded as one of the most elegant fashion brands for Ghanaian women. The brand has international appeal with its chic branding and unique pieces.

It is a touch of modern mixed with a touch of traditional Africa. The label was founded in 2008, with its first runway show taking place in Accra. Creative director, Aisha Obuobi had a strong connection to fashion at the earliest stage of her life, drawing huge inspiration from her grandmother Christie Brown, who was a seamstress. She was so taken with her grandmother and her talents that she has built a fashion stronghold around her name.

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The brand aims to fill that gap for the Ghanaian woman looking to showcase this neo-African culture, by doing the blending of the old and new for them. The aim is to transcend national taste and the brand manages to do just that. One cannot discuss Ghanaian fashion without mentioning Christie Brown.

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The latest 2016 collection is grand, elegant, and vibrant. African fabrics are literally pieced and weaved into more modern cuts and fabrics. It is truly a masterful collection. Influences from the past are present and the brand stays true to its antique aesthetic with the high necks and floor length skirts.

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