12 Uses Of Ghanaian Coconut Oil ~ Ride Or Die Fan

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Ghanaian coconut oil has next-to zero downside, that’s why I am a ride or die coconut oil fan. I was absolutely thrilled to find pure coconut oil in Ghana. When I managed to get my hands on some, I fitted it into my daily routine immediately also stocking tubs on my online shop for others to get a hold of this pure and organic supply. As a previous Candida sufferer, I now make coconut oil a key part of my natural first aid box, taking it internally to kill fungus within. Anyways, back to talking about the good stuff! Coconut oil is an all-natural method of eliminating toxic from your skin, caused by harmful chemicals that have found their way to the shelves of our various drugstores and beauty supply stores.

Not just that but, it is also able to penetrate your skin on a deeper level than your average products because it has low molecular weight and the way it bonds with proteins -chemistry on fleek. The best of it is that, it can make you smell like yummy cookies. So here is my countdown on why I am loco about Ghanaian coconut oil.

1. Eye Makeup Remover 
Yes, coconut oil even works on waterproof mascara! Put a little on a cotton ball and gently sweep it over your eyes, paying attention to your under-eyes as well. The oil does a great job breaking down waxy, inky eye makeup and leaves the delicate area hydrated too. Once you’re done, wash your face as usual.

2. Cheekbone Highlighter
Nothing perks up a tired face like a little highlighter. Simply sweep a small amount of coconut oil on top of your makeup. It gives your skin a glowing, dewy look. You can dab directly on the inner corners of the eye and on the apples of the cheeks for a fresh-faced look.

3. Night Cream
Although coconut oil can be used alone as a moisturizer, I always recommend cleansing the skin and applying a serum that penetrates the skin. Coconut oil can be mixed in with your favorite moisturizer because the fatty acids help reinforce the skin’s natural lipid barrier. This process helps lock in moisture, promoting hydration, while the antioxidants are great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

coconut oil in coconut tree - theonlywayisghana
Photo Credit: Hans Thompson

4. Lip Balm
Coconut oil is the ideal remedy for chapped lips because it’s semisolid at room temperature. Pack a bit in a miniature jar and smooth over lips throughout the day.

5. Soothing Shaving Balm
Due to the lubricating nature of coconut oil, it makes for a great shaving balm. Conventional shaving cream is an expensive cocktail of chemicals that you don’t need to get a nice clean shave on your legs or underarms. As an alternative, coconut oil is inexpensive, naturally antimicrobial and smells divine. Plus, its skin-soothing properties will leave your legs looking hydrated (but never greasy)!

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