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In order for your repatriation journey to have a high success rate, you need to have like-minded people around you to talk to and to help you. There are several ways we have attracted these types of people into our life. We are currently building a solid circle filled with people who keep us motivated and encouraged. Majority of the people in our circle are based in our country of choice and will provide us with assistance once we arrive. We did a lot of research online to look for information on moving abroad and connecting with others who have already moved abroad. Our research yielded very few results but the few we came across have been amazingly helpful:

  • Internations – We found this website to be very helpful in connecting with others already living abroad is Internations. As the largest international community for people who live and work abroad, InterNations offers global networking opportunities, local events and expat-relevant information. At around 3,500 monthly events and activities, expats get to meet fellow internationals in their city, or connect before they relocate to their new city. We connected with one of our Ghanaian brothers through this site. When we went to Ghana for our first trip we met him there and he literally rolled out the red carpet for us. He also introduced us to his family who are awaiting our return. Another added benefit is that he is teaching us one of the local languages and this will definitely come in handy when we get there. We have been building upon our relationship ever since we met and its been absolutely wonderful.
  • Facebook- Facebook groups are also a great way to connect with like-minded people. There are several repatriation groups we are a part of and have met amazing people in these groups that have provided us with priceless information. “The Repatriation Project Group/Chat and Repatriating to Africa” are two of the groups we are in and have found to be very helpful. These groups are filled with those who have already repatriated, those in the process of repatriating, and those thinking about repatriation. These groups have been established to share ideas, and create a specific action plan for repatriation. Through the groups we have networked and gained valuable information such as insight on customs and cultures, cost of living, business ideas, what to avoid, information on several different African countries, and even immigration policies.

Using these methods have aided us in our preparation for our move and have eased some of the stress that comes from making such a big move. We have people searching for housing for us, providing us with banking information, discussing group economics to figure out ways to generate income collectively, and we have even found a home-school co-op to help us with our homeschooling efforts once we get settled. We are going into an already established support system instead of making this move alone because we used these platforms. If you have decided to make the big move, we recommend using every available resource to build your very own village.

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Myra Parks is a blogger, vlogger, dedicated mother and wife. She aspires to teach and inspire others to follow their travel dreams while discovering a life worth living! Myra and her family have decided to set out on an adventure to explore mother Africa and discover the untold stories of descendants of African slaves who have returned “Home.” @TheRepatDiaries

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