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It’s easy to look at the occurrences in someone’s life and wonder when your happily ever after will come. Don’t get it twisted, I’m guilty of it too. One look on Facebook and everyone is in love while you’re struggling to find your life partner. You browse Instagram and see someone traveling and wish you could do the same. One click on Twitter and you read how fulfilled someone is with their life while you may be struggling to even smile. We need to stop doing this to ourselves. Keep reading to learn how to begin to Embrace your path.


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Everyone has their own cross to bear. Their own challenges to overcome. We all have internal and external struggles. We need to accept when we’re in our valley and when we’re at our peak. It’s difficult to do this because it requires vulnerability and seeing ugly truths. This isn’t easy when we’re faced with everyone else’s highlights while we’re trying hard to see the light at the end of our tunnel. However, when we let go and see things for what it is at present moment, we can let some our burdens go. It doesn’t mean we’re regulated to stay at that stage. It just means there’s more to come. So admit to yourself that although you’re not at all where you’d like to be, you have aspirations of where you’d like to go.

Write Your Goals Down

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I’m big on to-do lists and vision boards. Writing goals down helps to solidify plans. If you can start small  – writing down the mini-steps it takes to get to the bigger picture it’s much more productive then sitting down and ruminating on let-downs and pain. When you feel frustrated or blue, look at or remember why you’re trolling through all of the disappointments and hardship.

Do Something That Makes Your Goal Attainable

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Often we think that we have to take a giant leap and then all of a sudden it’ll all come together. No. Look at Rashida The Black Beauty; who would’ve thought venting about a past love who did her wrong would open doors for her? Sometimes all it takes is one malafaka to bring it all to a full circle lol. Even if you do one thing towards your goal a day, you’re still doing much more than just wishing and hoping.

As I write this post, please know that I too struggle. Don’t think that I aim to just dispense tips for everyone else; I do my best to overcome. I also believe that the lessons I experience can help someone too. So let’s ride the waves and remind one another why we’re here. God first and everything else will fall into place. May we get the comfort, support, and aid we need.

Until next time.

What are some lessons you’ve learned on your way to your victory? What would you add to this post if you had the chance? Feel free to parlay with me in the comment section.

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